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Committee for an informed electorate, B.H. Obama division: preliminary disclosure

Are you favor of an informed electorate? Of course you are. You want people to know about the candidates and the issues so that when they vote they know what they are voting for. I hope some public spirited Democrat will come along and provide a precis of the McCain-Palin ticket, pointing out, for example, that it advocates drilling for oil in Alaska and elsewhere, that it is pro-life, that it supports The Surge in Iraq, that it condemns Russian aggression in Georgia, etc., etc. There is a long list of items that might be compiled to give us a good sense of what McCain-Palin stands: what it thinks of America’s place on the world stage and what it thinks of you, the ordinary voter.

A different list could be made about Obama-Biden ticket. Compiling a really thorough inventory would be a big task, but I am happy to share a preliminary effort sent to me by a friend. It leaves a lot out of account, but it does provide a first lesson for those who may have heard about Obama but are not quite sure who he is, where he comes from, or what he stands. I hope that this and similar documents will enjoy wide circulation as the campaign unfolds and the public endeavors to get a better sense of who the candidates are and what they espouse

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I, ______________________, a Citizen of The United States of America and a legally registered voter (or, with the help of ACORN able to pose as one), from the State of _______________________, hereby declare that I will cast my vote for president, in the upcoming November 2008 election, for Senator Barack Hussein Obama. As such, I make the following declarations:

1). I fully understand that Senator Obama served on two boards with, and launched his political career at the home of, William Ayers, a former leader of the terrorist organization called The Weather Underground. I further acknowledge that William Ayers bombed the Pentagon in Washington D.C, long before Al Queda attacked it with an airplane full of innocent people, that Obama’s associate and friend, William Ayers was involved in numerous other violent attacks against my country, for which he has never apologized or expressed regret. I also acknowledge that William Ayers told Rolling Stone Magazine years after those attacked that, far from regret, he felt “[he] didn’t do enough.”

I am comfortable with the fact that Senator Obama keeps company with this unrepentant terrorist. ______ (initial here)

2). I acknowledge that Senator Obama voted against a Bill that would have made it illegal to kill a baby which survived a botched abortion.

I am in full support of Senator Obama;s tacit endorsement of infanticide. ______ (initial here)

3). I am aware that, despite earning $4.2 Million dollars in 2007, Senator Obama lives in a $3 Million home partially paid for by convicted Felon, Tony Rezko. I support Senator Obama’s decision to vote to give the same Tony Rezko $14 Million in taxpayer moeny to build slum-like housing developments which later went bankrupt.

4). I am of the firm, established position that Senator Obama is incapable of doing anything which could dissuade me from voting for him. ______ (initial here)

I do so affirm:


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