Reagan Library Report #2: The Doctor Answers the Iran Question

Ben Carson answered my question about how he would deal with Iran as president in a far different manner from Rand Paul, or even Donald Trump.

But before I get into it, a word about the doctor.  I was sitting typing away in the Filing Room when my PJTV producer tapped me on the shoulder.  I looked over just to see dozens of people suddenly standing as Ben Carson walked into room, the only candidate thus far to walk straight into this hornet’s nest of media.


In a moment they were peppering him with questions, a moving hive as Carson walked toward the Spin Room.  I joined in, trying to get my Iran question in.    I have never seen anyone walk so calmly in a sea of media as the doctor, an extraordinarily cool customer.  Maybe it’s the surgery thing.

Anyway, with the help of Deanna Bass, one of Carson’s campaign honchos, I got to ask the question.  What would he do about the Iran deal when assuming office?  Dr. Carson’s succinct answer:  “As it was an executive action, it holds no sway for the next president.”

As they say on the Drudge Report: BOOM!  (takes care of that)

That answer differs of course from Paul’s namby-pambyism, but also from Trump.  Donald, it will be recalled, has excoriated the deal, but has said it was a “contract”t we must adhere to until Iran breaks it.  And then he would make them pay.


Except this deal, in its entirety, was never presented to Congress — something Trump perhaps has overlooked or doesn’t know.  In any case, I have no doubt that The Donald would be strong against Iranian terrorism/expansionism, but, ironically, mild-mannered Dr. Carson might be more so.

We’ll probably hear me about this tonight.

Meanwhile, second tier debate coming up.


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