Al Dura Trial: Is Enderlin the French Dan Rather?

The appeal’s trial of Philippe Karsenty – the French media gadfly who accused France II of promulgating a fabricated video in the matter of the Palestinian boy Mohammed al Dura- is having its final arguments today in Paris (final judgment to come in a few weeks). This is an important trial because the al Dura tape was used to foment Intifada II and has been called the Mother of All Fauxtography.


The first trial went against Karsenty, but the appeal is looking better for him, according to Richard Landes, a Boston University history professor who has been covering the Al Dura affair. Pajamas Media reached Landes during a break in the trial.

Karsenty had just presented an “extensive” Power Point about how the tape was fabricated. The judge questioned Enderlin about this, but impatiently cut off the answers by the France II correspondent, which, Landes said, were the French equivalent of “humbug” or a more popular Anglo-Saxonism. Enderlin’s answer to why this supposedly exclusive video contained footage from another previously aired show was particularly evasive. Enderlin said “You have to understand the conditions.” What they were he didn’t say.


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