Hello, Iowa... It's 2007!

Rudy Giuliani was spot on in opting out of the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa today. In fact, he should opt out of the whole Iowa thing – and so should everyone else – in my not so humble opinion. Straw polls and caucuses are all well and good on the internet, where we know they are pretty much just for fun. But when votes start to count, they should be accurate and fairly administered. In other words, no more caucuses and straw polls. Just primaries, please. Iowa should find a better way to put itself on the map. An Iowa Primary would be just fine.


UPDATE: Of course the rise of Fred Mania may have something to do with the above. (Fred T. is now number two on the Rasmussen Weekly Poll – and he’s not even officially declared ). Also, Rudy’s weakness in early primary states, as pointed out in the Barone Blog link above.



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