Apropos Moral Vision...

… comes this extraodinary report from the blog Live From Brussels. In the continuing reaction to the Theo Van Gogh murder, an Amsterdam artist put up a street mural featuring a dove under the words “Thou Shalt Not Kill!” The imam from the local mosque called to complain that the mural was “racist” and the police sandblasted it. You can see all on a remarkable video at the link. Unfortunately, the Dutch is not translated. Perhaps Pieter Dorsman could get into it.


If you think things are bad in this country, Europe is an incredible bind, relying on cheap labor (for the survival of its system) that refuses to be assimilated. Beware the 1930s. (via lgf)

UPDATE: Pieter Dorsman has now provided partial translations of the video as well as insight into the police instructions in Amsterdam following the murder. Isn’t the blogosphere interesting? We have more resources than we know and we’re only just learning how to use them.



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