Only the Dead Are Unbiased

Now that even Peter Jennings has admitted, mirabile dictu, that he might have a tad of bias… although, of course, he tries to be “fair” and “objective”… isn’t it time we put to rest this myth of unbiased media? Anyone who pretends to it is, to be polite, disingenuous or, to be more blunt, a stone liar. The attack on Instapundit for being biased the other day struck me as absurd. Of course, he’s biased. And so are his accusers. (They’re probably jealous too, but that’s another matter.) At least, Glenn admits it – and that’s the point. So do I. On many issues I’m exceptionally biased. You could say I’m biased in favor of bias because without the competition of strong viewpoints, the truth, such as it is, would never emerge.


But now that we’ve gone down that relativist rabbit hole, I have to stop and smile, remembering one of my favorite titles from noir fiction. If “only the dead are unbiased,” is there… as the immortal Charles Willeford so dryly put it… New Hope for the Dead?



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