I Remember Taba

I was in Taba as a tourist too. It was back in the early eighties on my first trip to Israel and the Israelis controlled the Sinai then. My ex and I signed on with a group to go camping in the desert for a few days, including a dawn climb of the famous mount and then a day of diving in the Red Sea at Taba where there were a couple of resort hotels. I remember renting a tank and then coming up to see a Bedouin astride a camel at the water’s edge – I smiled at him and waved, a meeting of civilizations. He smiled back at me, at least I thought he did. Evidently those civilizations have met again with less salutary results.


In the midst of this continued terrorist insanity, tomorrow night we will have yet another presidential debate. The Anchoress has some interesting observations about that.



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