Hanoi Jane Fonda Has a Novel Way to Solve the 'Climate Crisis'

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It’s more obvious by the day that Leftists have a taste for authoritarianism, but Hanoi Jane Fonda makes it even more obvious than others do. Fresh from calling for the murder of pro-lifers, Jane has now blamed the mythical crisis of climate change on the Left’s all-purpose bogeymen, white males. And what does the star of Barbarella think ought to be done with these villains? Why, they must be imprisoned, of course. Then, while the world’s white guys are rattling their tin cups against the bars, women and “people of color” can pool their efforts and save the world. Just like in the movies.


Yes, it sounds like a joke, but the photo-op girl for the North Vietnamese, now no longer the ingenue she was in those heady days, insisted Saturday that “this is serious.” The noted scientist added: “We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels.” Oh, brother, here we go again with the climate apocalypse hysteria. Fonda’s time limit recalled the words of her fellow climate mythicist, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Make Mine a Double), who on Jan. 21, 2019, chastised the older generations for not being sufficiently terrified in the face of impending doom: “Millennials and Gen Z and all these folks that come after us are looking up, and we’re like, ‘The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change, and your biggest issue is how are we gonna pay for it?’”

Jane seems to see eye-to-eye with AOC, as by the deeply intellectual and patriotic congresswoman’s reckoning, the end of the world would come by Jan. 21, 2031, which is seven and a half years from now, or “seven, eight years,” as Fonda said.

And so now, even as our time on this planet is rapidly running out, Hanoi Jane, ever the vengeful Maoist, maintains that those who have gotten us into this fix have to pay for what they’ve done. Sounding like the old cliché of the modern Leftist, seeing racism in literally everything that happens, she said, “Unfortunately, the people that have the least responsibility for it are hit the hardest — Global South, people on islands, poor people of color.” It used to be a joke headline: “Hurricane Strikes City: Blacks, Women Hardest Hit.” But Fonda was, of course, deadly serious: “It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop.”


How can we stop it, Jane? The answer is simple: Jail Whitey. “We have to arrest and jail those men — they’re all men [behind this].” Why, of course. White men have been heating up the planet, heedless of the consequences, in the fiendish pursuit of – you guessed it, white supremacy. Jane continued: “It’s good for us all to realize there would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy. A mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way. White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] at the bottom.”

OutKick, however, pointed out Saturday that Jane Fonda’s climate apocalypticism has not led her to embrace a life of asceticism and self-denial. Up until just a few years ago,  she lived in a luxurious $12.99 million mansion in Beverly Hills, a “gated residence” that “boasts some of California’s most coveted canyon and ocean views.” Homes.com said that the mansion’s “clean lines” create “a visual masterpiece against the Beverly Hills backdrop.” That’s wonderful, but what about its carbon footprint? And OutKick adds: “What’s the carbon footprint of an 85-year-old actress who travels by private jet wherever she goes?” Indeed. But that “carbon footprint” business is for the bug-eating masses, not the elites who dine on gourmet beef and lobsters and sip champagne in their private jets on their way to the next climate summit.


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The elites need not worry about their carbon footprints because if Jane Fonda were president-for-life, or commissar or whatever of the United States, the population would be considerably thinned, and the climate crisis would thus be solved. Remember that back in March, Fonda on The View offered this recommendation for what to do about pro-life politicians: “Well, I love murder.” Lily Tomlin wasn’t sure what she had heard, and asked Fonda, “What did you say?” Fonda responded: “Murder.”

So first, she wants to kill the pro-lifers. Then she wants to imprison all the white men. In Jane Fonda’s world, there would then be a new dawning of justice, equity, and peace. In the real world, of course, the outcome — despite Hanoi Jane’s obvious love for the political system that gave us the gulags and Democratic Kampuchea — would turn out to be less to her liking than she likely expects.


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