Your Tax Dollars at Work: When the FBI Isn’t Framing Presidents, It’s Holding a ‘Happiness Seminar’ for Agents

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After the release of the Durham report detailing, among other things, the FBI’s key role in the Russian Collusion hoax, the bureau has faced severe criticism, but it appears unfazed. Instead of engaging in some much-needed introspection — much less the thorough housecleaning that it so desperately requires to cleanse it of its deep corruption and politicization — the FBI has scheduled a “Happiness Seminar” for the end of this month. This is designed to help agents who may be weary after all their hard work of framing a president for a crime he didn’t commit to “discover the power of smiling.” Isn’t it comforting to know that your tax dollars are going for such an urgent necessity as teaching corrupt Biden regime FBI agents to break out into big, wide grins?

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) declared, “The Durham Report is a damning indictment of the FBI under James Comey and the operations of the Department of Justice. Their behavior during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation reads like a page out of the Nixon playbook.” Oh, no, Lindsey, this is much worse than anything Nixon did. But it is in character for you as an establishment, controlled opposition Republican to recall a misdeed by a Republican even while in the midst of decrying a tremendous miscarriage of justice perpetrated by Democrats.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) noted correctly that “the baseless and politically motivated Russia collusion lie robbed the American people of three years and tens of millions in taxpayer dollars.” He added: “This lie, perpetrated by the DNC and Clinton campaign, was aided and abetted by senior FBI and DOJ officials who, at best, consciously avoided their duty of due diligence, and at worst, knowingly and willingly participated in one of the dirtiest smears in American history.” Indeed. And they’re all still there, happily learning how to smile.

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend tweeted the poster for the Happiness Seminar last Tuesday. Just the News reported on Monday that Friend was “an FBI special agent who left the bureau after blowing the whistle on alleged civil liberty violations during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot investigation.” He “tweeted that the seminar will have three parts that feature ‘the effects of smiling,’ ‘the effects of speaking good words,’ and ‘the effects of doing good deeds.’” Good deeds — you know, like framing the president of the United States if he is a political undesirable.

Friend added, “The @FBI is woke and weaponized. Americans deserve more for their taxpayer dollars and our premier law enforcement agency should focus on combatting actual crime instead of impersonating a Silicone [sic] Valley start up tech firm.” He also wrote that FBI director “Chris Wray wants the @GOP to increase @FBI funding to $11.4 billion. How much taxpayer money goes towards ‘Happiness Seminars’ for employees?” Kevin Brock, the former FBI Assistant Director of Intelligence, observed, “The secret to happiness in an FBI career is investigating individuals who deserve to be investigated and bringing them to justice.” Alas, Mr. Brock, that was in the bad old days when the FBI was an actual law enforcement agency. Now that it’s an arm of the Leftist establishment, there is plenty of time for woke navel-gazing and psychobabble such as this “Happiness Seminar.”

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The “Happiness Seminar” poster states that this ridiculous event is “presented by the FBI’s newest ERG [Employee Resource Group]: ASEZ WAO.” The FBI Jobs website’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page explains that “ERGs are informal, employee-led groups that connect employees with shared interests to network and support one another. These groups bring awareness to barriers and issues impacting their members and advocate for solutions.” If that sounds as if it’s an invitation for every latest woke insanity to take root in the bureau, that’s only because that’s exactly what it is. Just the News says that “the ERGs listed on the FBI site are Blacks in Government (BIG), FBI African American Millennials (FAAM), FBI Family, FBI Jewish Americans, FBI Latinos for Empowerment Advancement and Development (LEAD), FBI Pride, Federal Asian Pacific American Counsel, Federally Employed Women (FEW), From Boots to Suits, and Toastmasters Club.”

Meanwhile, “ASEZ WAO” means “‘Let us save the earth from the beginning to the end as one family,’ as ASEZ stands for ‘Save the Earth from A to Z’ and WAO stands for ‘We Are One Family,’ according to the organization’s website.”

And remember: you’re paying for this. The FBI has been weaponized against a duly elected president of the United States and is increasingly being turned against law-abiding American citizens (such as parents protesting against the woke agenda at school board meetings). But at least today’s brave new FBI agents will trample upon your rights and oppress patriots while giving you a sunny smile. They’ll learn to do that in their “Happiness Seminar.”


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