Here's What I Asked the FBI's 'Election Crimes Coordinator' About Its Calling ‘Misinformation’ an ‘Election Crime’

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The Biden regime’s notorious Disinformation Governance Board is dead (for now), but the regime’s quest to stigmatize and criminalize all dissent from its agenda is still very much alive. On Thursday, that indispensable team of actual journalists, Project Veritas, released a document entitled “2022 Midterm Elections Social Media Analysis Cheat Sheet” and subtitled “What Are Election Crimes?” This FBI document “details what FBI agents should look out for leading up to November 8.” Some of it really discusses what FBI agents should be looking out for: Election Interference, Election Fraud, Voter Intimidation, and the like. But included with all the other “Election Crimes” are the Left’s favorite euphemisms for true and accurate information that dissents from the Leftist agenda: “Disinformation” and “Misinformation.”


The “Election Crimes” document defines “Disinformation” as “false or inaccurate information intended to mislead others,” adding that “disinformation campaigns on social media are used to deliberately confuse, trick, or upset the public.” “Misinformation” is “false or misleading information spread mistakenly or unintentionally.”

Back on June 30, J. Christian Adams revealed at PJ Media that the FBI was working with the Democracy Fund, “a hyper-funded progressive money source,” on election issues. Among the FBI officials implicated in this partisan and corrupt collusion was Lindsay Capodilupo, who was identified as the FBI’s “Election Crimes Coordinator.”

Now, there are a lot of great titles in the world, but Lindsay Capodilupo must be proud to have one of the absolute greatest. With the FBI all in on the Russian Collusion hoax, it’s unclear whether the “Election Crimes Coordinator” is actually fighting against “election crimes” or coordinating and implementing them, and that’s just perfect for Merrick Garland’s desperately corrupt and politicized FBI.

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Anyway, as it happens, I have met Lindsay Capodilupo, as she was one of the agents who questioned me after ISIS terrorists attempted to murder us all at our free speech event in Garland, Texas, in May 2015, while an FBI informant egged the terrorists on, telling them to “tear up Texas.” So on Friday morning, I sent her an email:


Dear Ms. Capodilupo

Greetings. You may remember me, as we had some interaction some years ago.

I’m writing now because I see from this ( that you are now “Election Crimes Coordinator” for the FBI. Congratulations on your appointment.

Now it appears from this document ( that among “Election Crimes,” the FBI is including “Misinformation.” Hence my questions. These are on the record, for publication in an article I’m working on today.

  1. What criteria does the FBI use to determine what is and is not “Misinformation”? It appears that previously, and perhaps now as well, you were working with the Democracy Fund, a highly partisan organization. Do you allow Democracy Fund, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, or any other entity, to determine what constitutes “Misinformation”? If so, please specify which and explain why you believe this group is trustworthy.
  2. Given the fact that several stories initially classified as “misinformation” have turned out to be true (notably Hunter Biden’s laptop, certified as Russian disinformation by 50 top intelligence professionals), do you plan to build in some appeals process to your prosecution of “Misinformation” as an “Election Crime,” or will your judgment be final, absolute, and not subject to appeal or discussion?
  3. On what basis can you classify alleged “Misinformation” as any kind of crime at all, in light of the First Amendment and the necessarily subjective character of your judgment of this alleged misinformation?
  4. Are you at all concerned that false charges of “Misinformation” will be used to silence political opponents of this administration, or any future administration, and thereby destroy America as a free society?
  5. Are you at all concerned about the decisively partisan character of the FBI in recent years, and the increasing public perception that there is a two-tier justice system, with the FBI aggressively sending SWAT teams to arrest inoffensive pro-life activists, elderly political commentators such as Roger Stone, and others who are out of favor with the regime, while allowing Leftists such as Hunter Biden with multiple clear violations of numerous laws to escape all prosecution of any kind?

Many thanks in advance for your answers; if at all possible, please send them before noon today, as I’m working on a tight deadline.

Kindest regards and thanks for your indispensable service to the United States of America

Robert Spencer


Needless to say, as of this writing, there’s been no response from Ms. Capodilupo; if I hear from her later, I’ll most certainly add an update. I didn’t really expect her to respond, and she likely thought my questions were impossibly leading and thus unworthy of notice, but in reality, they were no more so than the questions Leftist “journalists” routinely ask patriots. And they’re salient questions, to which Americans need to know the answers if trust is ever going to be restored in the FBI and other institutions. Some FBI official, if not the bureau’s “Election Crimes Coordinator,” should answer them. It’s a shame that the FBI thinks it’s better to stonewall such inquiries than to face the American people with some transparency and honesty.


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