As FBI Raids Trump's Home, Hunter Biden Rides Off on Air Force One to Vacation With the Big Guy

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As agents of Old Joe Biden’s corrupt, politicized FBI stormed Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and scrutinized Melania Trump’s clothes closet for classified information, America’s favorite son, Hunter Biden, didn’t evince any concern over whether the FBI might subject him to the Trump treatment or even bring charges against him. Quite the contrary: two days after Merrick Garland’s Gestapo raided Mar-a-Lago, Hunter calmly boarded Air Force One with the Big Guy as they headed for a weeklong vacation on the silky smooth, carefully manicured beaches of Kiawah Island, S.C. Two-tier justice system? They’re just rubbing it in now.


Back on June 30, Miranda Devine of the New York Post reported that “evidence keeps piling up that Joe Biden lied” — say it ain’t so, Joe! — “about his family’s foreign influence-peddling scheme that reaped tens of millions of dollars for his son and brother and potentially put at risk America’s national security. The president repeatedly has said that he knew ‘nothing’ about his son Hunter’s foreign deals, and yet when he was vice president, he met with Hunter’s foreign business associates, from China, Ukraine, Russia and Mexico, and even chimed in on speakerphone when Hunter was with prospects.”

Even if Old Joe was (uncharacteristically for him) telling the truth, the appearance of impropriety is overwhelming, and the impression unmistakable, that a Ukrainian oil company hired Hunter Biden, who knew nothing about the industry and had no experience in it, in order to gain influence and access in the U.S. government.

And there is so much more. There is, Devine wrote Wednesday, “copious documentary evidence” that Hunter “accepted millions of dollars from America’s adversaries in exchange for influencing his father, the then-vice president, despite actively working with Communist China to extend ‘belt-and-road’ imperialism across the globe to undermine America.” But as he boarded Air Force One, Devine added, Hunter “looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world.”


Devine summed it up succinctly: “’We are untouchable’ was the unspoken message. They may as well have given the middle finger to half the country.”

Well, yeah, that’s exactly what Old Joe Biden and his henchmen have been doing since Jan. 20, 2021. The Trump raid is just the latest manifestation of an ongoing and intensifying effort, the centerpiece of which is the Jan. 6 hysteria and show trials, to stigmatize the legitimate political opposition as criminal, even “insurrectionist,” and to persecute it accordingly.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime wages relentless against the American middle class, effectively erasing the Southern border and initiating catastrophic inflation that is now threatening to consume the fruit of years of thrift and responsibility on the part of untold numbers of Americans. Additionally, Old Joe has brought tens of thousands of unvetted Afghan migrants into the country with consequences that innocent American citizens will likely have to suffer yet to come.

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As all this has been going on as Hunter has so far evaded all prosecution or even serious investigation, as Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and suffered no raid on her home, as the FBI aggressively pushed the Russian collusion hoax in order to destroy a duly elected president, yet no one was punished, the same corrupt people are in power, and they’re still going after the same man, trying desperately to find a crime they can pin on him in an undiminished frenzy of hatred.


It seems as if Hunter and Joe Biden and their friends and allies among the political elites don’t even care about the optics of all this. An administration that wanted to keep up the appearance of equal justice for all would at very least have kept Hunter away from the cameras. The Bidens, by contrast, as Devine noted, casually boarded Air Force One in full view of the watching world. Are they really that tone-deaf? Or is the existence of the two-tier justice system, and the untouchability of Hunter Biden and his corrupt friends and allies today, wholly, and solely because they are Leftists in a Leftist elite class exactly the message that they wanted to convey?

Hunter calmly boarding Air Force One right after rogue agents of a rogue FBI ransacked Mar-a-Lago sends the signal to Trump and his supporters that the Bidens and their henchmen can act with impunity and American patriots have no recourse. One side has all the power and all the press, and there is nothing the other side can do.

If Biden and his allies want to preserve the faith of at least some Americans in the fairness of the system, they need to dispel this impression now. But they seem interested only in reinforcing it.


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