Biden’s Handlers Push Socialism in Cartoon Presentation About ‘Linda From Peoria’

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The famed huckster P.T. Barnum once observed that “nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public,” and Old Joe Biden’s handlers obviously believe that they have nothing to lose by underestimating our intelligence, either. That was clear from a new presentation from the White House entitled “The Build Back Better Framework: President Biden’s Plan to Rebuild the Middle Class,” featuring a series of cartoons purporting to show “what the Build Back Better Framework will mean for Linda from Peoria, IL.” Apparently what it will mean is cradle-to-grave dependence on the generosity and good graces of the federal government, as with Obama’s infamous “Life of Julia,” which it closely resembles. Socialism? Unapologetically.


The opening image depicts every little girl’s dream: a very pregnant woman wearing a hard hat and tool belt, and consulting a clipboard. This is the working world of Leftist fantasy, where men are optional and women do all the physically demanding work with aplomb. “Linda is a working mother in Peoria, Illinois,” we’re told. “She works at a local manufacturing facility as a production worker and earns $40,000 per year. She is pregnant with her son, Leo.”

Screenshot from “The Build Back Better Framework: President Biden’s Plan to Rebuild the Middle Class,”

There is nary a word about Linda’s husband or lack thereof, or of Leo’s father. This is noteworthy on a number of levels, not least the fact that the United States government is here presenting as exemplary a single mother and broken family. Innumerable single mothers are indeed heroic and courageous and have lived lives of selflessness and sacrifice, but the question must be asked here: what is Biden’s handlers’ agenda in choosing to feature a single, and pregnant, woman rather than an intact family struggling to make ends meet? Is the Biden administration trying to promote the idea that women don’t need husbands (and men don’t need wives) and children don’t need fathers? Of course they are — because Biden’s handlers have someone else in mind to perform the traditional husband/father role of provider: the federal government.


The subsequent images say: “Once Leo is born, Linda begins receiving Child Tax Credits of $300 per month ($3600 annually) to help cover essential costs like groceries, rent, and medicine. As Leo grows up, the government helps cover the costs for his daycare, guaranteeing that Linda doesn’t need to pay more than 7 percent of her income on child care. When Leo turns 3, he attends a high-quality Pre-K program for free.”

The images don’t give the slightest hint of who is going to foot the bill for Linda’s groceries, rent, and medicine, and Leo’s “high-quality Pre-K program,” but the web page on which the images appear explains that no one is ever going to have a cough up a penny for any of this except those big, bad, top-hatted plutocrats:

The Build Back Better framework is fully paid for:

Combined with savings from repealing the Trump Administration’s rebate rule, the plan is fully paid for by asking more from the very largest corporations and the wealthiest Americans. The 2017 tax cut delivered a windfall to them, and this would help reverse that—and invest in the country’s future. No one making under $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes.

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Given the galloping inflation that Biden’s handlers have given us, Linda may soon be making $400,000 herself, that is, in Biden Need-Money?-Just-Print-More dollars, which will likely amount to less in real terms than the $40,000 she is getting now. In light of that, and of this administration’s manifest and repeated dishonesty, the $400,000 promise rings hollow. What is much more likely is that taxes will go up sharply across the board in a vain attempt to cover the socialist goody bag that Biden is promising.


In fact, if Biden’s handlers were honest, they would accompany the Linda images with a new set, this time featuring Fred, Linda’s ex. Linda had started taking some courses at the community college, where they taught her all about the evils of white supremacist patriarchy; she walked out on Fred not long after Leo was conceived and moved in with Eleanor. Fred makes the same $40,000 Linda does, but out of it, he has to pay child support for a child he has never seen. He got the vaccine when Biden’s mandate went out and his company made it mandatory and since then has mysteriously developed myocarditis. But he doesn’t have the money to get it taken care of, because he was fired when Biden’s handlers raised the minimum wage and the plant started laying off workers to cover the higher costs. Now he owes Linda four child support payments but can’t make them and is facing ostracism and prosecution as a deadbeat dad.

This White House will never make such a presentation. Nor would it ever say a word about the millions of victims of cradle-to-grave socialist regimes across the world. No, in the vision Biden’s handlers want you to swallow, you have no worries at all because the omnibenevolent federal government is always there to cater to your every need.

What would happen if, after receiving all this socialist largesse, Linda began to complain about government policies? Stay tuned for next week’s cartoon presentation: “Linda goes to a reeducation camp.”



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