Biden's America-Last Administration: U.S. Aid Will Keep Flowing to Taliban

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The war is lost, but no one is going to be held accountable and the same blinkered woke dopes are in charge. In fact, the one whose very name is Blinken, the secretary of State, explained Monday how the Taliban could gain the “international legitimacy and support” that is obviously such a high priority for them, and explained that even if it didn’t become the Leftist woke paradise of Blinken’s imagining, the American money will still flow. Of course. It always does.


Blinken claimed risibly that henceforth, the America-Last administration of Biden’s handlers would be guided by a concern for something that has never appeared on its list of priorities up to now: “our vital national interests.” Yeah, sure, Tony. Pull my other leg. More plausibly, Blinken assured the world that despite the last few weeks of catastrophe and humiliation, the American taxpayers will still be filling their cars with $4-a-gallon gasoline and driving to their pathetic nine-to-fives so that the elites can demonstrate their concern for the people of Afghanistan: “If we can work in the new Afghan government in a way that helps secure those interests … and in a way that brings greater stability to the country and the region, and that protects the gains of the last two decades, we will do it.”

The gains of the last two decades? What were those? Blinken didn’t say. He was too busy promising the Taliban American money: “The United States will continue to support humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. Consistent with our sanctions on the Taliban, the aid will not flow through the government, but rather through independent organizations, such as U.N. agencies and [non-government organizations.] And, we expect that those efforts will not be impeded by the Taliban or anyone else.”


Of course the Taliban won’t impede the money flow. They’re much more likely to appropriate it. Just as UN agencies in Gaza are wholly compromised by Hamas, it strains credulity to think that UN will be able to operate freely and independently of the Taliban in Afghanistan, or will even try to do so. But in Antony Blinken’s blinkered world, the UN is an incorrupt and thoroughly uncorruptable organization, and so no American taxpayer should object to his or her or xer money going to UN outposts in the Taliban’s Afghanistan. Really, what could possibly go wrong?

Blinken demonstrated his lack of acquaintance with reality yet again when he explained that if the Taliban wanted international approval, it would have to become a Leftist nanny state like the U.S. and its allies, all concerned with diversity and inclusiveness: “The Taliban seeks international legitimacy and support. Our message is: any legitimacy and any support will have to be earned.”

Is that right? And exactly what leverage do you have on the Taliban if they don’t earn it, Mr. Secretary?

Blinken continued: “The Taliban can do that by meeting commitments and obligations on freedom of travel, respecting the basic rights of the Afghan people, including women and minorities, upholding its commitments on counterterrorism, not carrying out reprisal violence against those who choose to stay in Afghanistan, and forming an inclusive government that can meet the needs and reflect the aspirations of the Afghan people.”


Yeah, that’s gonna happen. The Taliban is going to form a government full of women and Hazaras and maybe even the last Jew in Afghanistan, because they know that the Western money will be cut off otherwise, right?

Of course they know just the opposite. If Pakistan and other countries are any indication, the U.S. aid will flow no matter what. Yet Biden’s boyish national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, tried to suggest otherwise Tuesday when George Stephanopoulos asked him: “We’re gonna work with the Taliban. Does that include the prospect of giving them aid?”

Sullivan replied: “Well, first of all, we do believe that there is an important dimension of humanitarian assistance that should go directly to the people of Afghanistan. They need help with respect to health, and food aid, and other forms of subsistence, and we do intend to continue that. Secondly, when it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban’s actions. It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments, their commitments to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan to be a, a, a base from which terrorists can attack the United States and any other country. Their commitments with respect to upholding their international obligations. It’s gonna be up to them, and, and we will wait and see by their actions how we end up responding, uh, in terms of the economic and development assistance relationship.”


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Translation: the U.S. aid will continue, and possibly even to the Taliban, if they keep their word. If they don’t, there’s always the UN. The money will keep on flowing in any case. It never runs out.



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