ICE Non-Detained Docket Is Now Over 7 Million

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The "non-detained docket" is part of the Biden administration's "alternatives to detention" program that is supposed to track migrants caught at the border and released. The illegal aliens in ICE's non-detained docket are supposedly supplied with case management support to keep track of them. But the docket has swelled to 7.4 million under Biden and with only 6,000 deportation officers now responsible for 7,000 illegal aliens each, making sure the illegals make their court dates or stay out of trouble is impossible.


In addition to the 7.4 million illegals in the alternatives to detention program, there are 1.9 million gotaways that these deportation officers are also responsible for.

ICE claims the program has helped “support noncitizens compliance with release conditions” and “increased court appearance rates.” "Compliance with release conditions" is simple; don't commit felonies. Of course, even if an illegal commits a felony, good luck deporting them.

The White House took full responsibility for the mess and begged forgiveness. (Just kidding)

"Congressional Republicans had an opportunity to support the fairest and toughest set of reforms in decades, and they chose to put partisan political interests ahead of fixing our immigration system and securing our borders," the spokesperson said. "Congressional Republicans have proven that they do not care about securing our border because, frankly, if they did, they would have supported the bipartisan agreement."

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The alternatives to detention program is a "gaping vulnerability" in American national security, former assistant FBI Director Chris Swecker tells Fox News.

New York Sun:

Migrants accepted into the program will have been evaluated based on criminal and immigration history, family and community ties, status as a caregiver, and humanitarian or medical considerations. ICE employs various methods — including GPS ankle monitors and phone call tracking — to keep track of the non-detained migrants as their cases progress. 

The agency has reportedly been overwhelmed by the high number of migrants on the docket, with each ICE officer being tasked with managing an average of 7,000 cases. And the strain is only getting worse as the number of border crossings — and thus the number of cases given to the ICE — only continues to grow. The docket of non-detained migrants has seen more than 1 million new cases since the beginning of October. 


The non-detained docket is expected to pass 8 million by the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30.

Even if Congress had passed the bipartisan immigration reform bill, the resources given to ICE to deal with this crisis would still have fallen far short of the minimum needed to keep track of the crush of catch-and-release migrants in the country.

The report comes amid the Department of Homeland Security’s growing struggle to handle the record number of migrant attempts to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. As a result of operating on a historically underfunded budget and grappling with costly detention facilities and deportation flights, ICE reportedly faces a $700 million deficit. 

With immigration consistently ranking as the top issue for American voters, the efforts of Mr. Biden and his administration to curb illegal immigration face mounting scrutiny. A recent poll by YouGov suggests that 59 percent of Americans disapprove of his immigration policies compared to just 36 percent who offer their approval.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green says the non-detained docket numbers prove that Biden is committed to open borders.

“These numbers are further proof of President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas’ radical commitment to open borders, and the secretary’s high crimes and misdemeanors committed to make them a reality. The laws passed by substantial bipartisan majorities in Congress make very clear that illegal aliens must be detained, but Biden and Mayorkas have instead directed and overseen the mass release of illegal aliens into our communities," Green wrote in a statement.


The American people will get a chance to say how they feel about Biden's policies in November.



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