Recovered Hamas Plans Show the Terrorists Targeting Elementary Schools and a Youth Center

AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

PJ Media’s Robert Spencer reported on the skepticism of some people who are rejecting the stories of atrocities committed by Hamas. For some of them, no amount of evidence will convince them that what happened in Kfar Aza actually occurred and who was responsible.


But since truth is the first casualty of war, skepticism — to a point — is warranted. In this case, being dubious about news reports — reports based on information from the Israeli and American governments — is only being cautious and doesn’t necessarily reflect a bias toward Hamas.

That’s why hard, documentary evidence of Hamas planning atrocities is so important. And NBC News has exclusively obtained it.

Found on the bodies of dead Hamas fighters were “detailed plans to target elementary schools and a youth center in the Israeli kibbutz of Kfar Sa’ad, to ‘kill as many people as possible,’ seize hostages and quickly move them into the Gaza Strip.”

The attack plans, which are labeled “top secret” in Arabic, appear to be orders for two highly trained Hamas units to surround and infiltrate villages and target places where civilians, including children, gather. Israeli authorities are still determining the death toll in Kfar Sa’ad.

The documents were found on the bodies of Hamas terrorists by Israeli first responders and shared with NBC News. They include detailed maps and show that Hamas intended to kill or take hostage civilians and school children.


Surveillance video of Hamas fighters entering Kfar Sa’ad on October 7 confirms that the terrorists followed the instructions laid out in the plans.

“The dental office, the supermarket, the dining hall,” an Israel Defense Forces source said. “The level of specificity would cause anyone in the intelligence field’s jaw to drop.”

Hamas spent months — perhaps years — infiltrating and gathering intelligence on these small border farming communities. It paid off for them in a big way when they invaded and began to kill exactly who they wanted to kill.

The plan of coordinated attacks flies in the face of recent claims by Hamas that it did not kill children. A video released by Hamas on Friday showed armed terrorists holding and feeding Israeli children taken hostage, including babies.

The Hamas documents, footage of the aftermath of the massacre and interviews with eyewitnesses and first responders tell a harrowing story.

“I saw murdered babies. I saw murdered children. I saw mothers and children murdered together,” said Yossi Landau, a commander of ZAKA, an Israeli first responder organization.


An IDF official who saw some of the plans says he was astounded by the level of planning that went into making sure there were maximum civilian casualties. “I’ve never seen this kind of detailed planning” for a mass terrorist attack.

Hamas, like the SS in World War II, was meticulous in planning the deaths of civilians. And for those who believed such barbarism was behind us as a species, sorry to disappoint.



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