Rachel Levine Says That Medically Changing Children's Gender Will Soon Be Normalized

Caroline Brehman/Pool via AP

The highest-ranking transgender official in the American government wants to normalize gender transition for children.

Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Rachel Levine thinks that feeding puberty-blocking drugs to children should be normalized — and soon.


“I think that it’s not going to be politically advantageous. It wasn’t particularly in 2022. And so I think that as we look to all the different elections in 2024, I think the next two years are going to be challenging. But I am positive and optimistic and hopeful that the wheel will turn after that and that this issue won’t be as politically and socially such a minefield.”

That’s wishful thinking in the extreme. As long as there are parents looking to protect their children from the toxic ideologies spewed by people like Levine, and as long as medical science continues to show the harm caused by puberty blockers to young bodies, the issue of indulging the fantasies of parents to change their child’s gender will continue to be fought.

The argument that gender transition treatments are necessary because of their psychological benefits to kids doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of Do No Harm organization, a national association of medical professionals that combats “woke” activism, told Fox News Digital that there’s “no good evidence that children treated with gender-altering hormones or puberty blockers improved mental health assessments.”

“Despite assertions to the contrary, a recent study from the University of Washington showed that there was absolutely no change in the psychological well-being of children with gender dysphoria treated with these medications,” Goldfarb continued. “There can be irrevocable harm being done to children by those pushing for these radical, ideologically driven, treatments. Treatment for minors needs to be based on rigorous scientific inquiry, not on dubious, agenda-driven studies or the demands of activists.”


Amen to that.

Rep. Andy Harris, a member of the House Doctors Caucus and Co-Chair of the Pro-Life Caucus, said that it’s “reprehensible for a government official—let alone the Assistant U.S. Secretary of HHS to promote the genital mutilation of minors as becoming a standard practice in the U.S.”

“As a physician, I was proud to co-sponsor the ‘Protect Children’s Innocence Act’ which would prohibit harmful medical procedures used to treat gender dysphoria in transgender minors, including puberty blockers and surgeries in which minors alter their body to correspond to a sex that differs from their biological sex,” Harris said.

Levine is pushing for children’s gender transitions despite the fact that she was glad she had kids before changing her sex.

‘I have no regrets because if I had transitioned when I was younger then I wouldn’t have my children. I can’t imagine a life without my children,’ Levine said during a 2019 speech about gender care.

Well, yes. You had a choice. The kids you want to damage today won’t have that choice, but that’s OK. You got what you wanted already, so pulling up the drawbridge behind you is perfectly acceptable.

Daily Mail:

Speaking on a podcast hosted by Connecticut Children’s Hospital, she said: ‘I can say that you, the children that you serve, the young people that you serve, their families, and you all have support at the highest levels of the federal government.

‘President Biden supports you. I as the Assistant Secretary for Health will support you and I talk about this topic, everywhere I go, to get the word out.’


What someone wants to do with their body when they turn 18 is their business. If they want to transition to a zebra, more power to them. But it’s sickening to use children to advance an ideology that advocates mutilating the body — especially since the changes being suggested are permanent.


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