WATCH: West Virginia Reporter Hit By Car on Live TV, Continues Reporting

A reporter for West Virginia TV station WSAZ in Huntington was given the unenviable assignment of covering a water main break in a nearby suburb. The weather was brutal — snow, ice, and below-freezing temperatures added to the misery of reporter Tori Yorgey, who was sent to cover the story.


As the anchor was introducing Yorgey and setting up her report, an SUV appeared out of nowhere and struck the reporter, knocking her down.

Watch what Yorgey did next:


The incident unfolded Wednesday evening as Yorgey was reporting at the scene of a water main break in Dunbar.

In the clip, she is facing the camera when a car comes up from behind and strikes her in the back.

Yorgey lurches forward shocked saying, “Oh my God. I just got [hit] by a car, but I’m okay!” and her camera topples to the ground.

“You know that’s live TV for ya!” she says with a laugh. “It’s all good! I actually got hit by a car in college too just like that. I am so glad I’m okay!”

The WSAZ anchor who witnessed the incident, Tim Irr, was flabbergasted. “That’s a first for you on TV, Tori,” was Irr’s immediate response.

Yorgey, who is finishing up her last week at WSAZ, quipped, “You know it’s my last week on the job, and I think this would happen specifically to me, Tim.”

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She’s headed to WTAE in Pittsburgh next week.

Post Gazette:

As of Thursday morning, Yorgey has yet to publicly comment on that harrowing on-air moment. Her final thoughts on the matter from that video: “My whole life just flashed before my eyes. But this is live TV and everything’s OK. I thought I was in a safe spot, but clearly we might need to move the camera over a bit.”

Last week, the Post-Gazette spoke to Yorgey about her impending move to Pittsburgh and WTAE. She said she is “excited to see what the Steel City has to offer” and talked about how seriously she takes her reporting duties, which anyone who watches that video can now easily see for themselves.

I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of Ms. Yorgey.


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