Allen West Has COVID, and the Left Can't Contain Its Glee

J. Scott Applewhite

Texas Republican candidate for governor Allen West announced that he and his wife Angela tested positive for COVID-19.

The news elicited this gentle tweet from Keith Olbermann:


Mr. Olbermann is a noted mind reader and soothsayer as well as a monumental pain in the nation’s butt. Some people don’t get the shot because they are susceptible to side effects like an anaphylactic shock that could easily lead to death. But we’re glad that Olbermann is there to tell us all the reason so many people aren’t getting jabbed is that he’s smarter and better than they are.

Thanks, Keith.

Mr. West has chosen to take hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which don’t help everyone. However, few people are dropping dead after taking these drugs, though the left would have us believe otherwise. West is in the hospital and getting prayers and good wishes from many people — just not many on the left.

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It’s been called “COVID Death Porn,” and the left is getting very good at it. Spectator USA writer Cockburn, who coined the term “COVID Death Porn,” explains its meaning and why it’s ludicrously stupid.


Cockburn will concede that when a public figure stakes their life on a certain medical opinion and dies a preventable death as a result, the irony is enough to merit a news story. But he would be remiss if he didn’t observe that standards for this sort of thing seem a tad inconsistent. Losing weight is another entirely controllable way to reduce COVID risk, too, but the same publications that gloat over dead vaccine skeptics have published a Pravda’s worth of takes explaining that COVID-related fat shaming is not funny and not OK.

Some tweets were without mercy.

Then there are the “left-splainers” who never tire of telling the right why they believe what they believe.

We never wish illness upon anyone, we never hope anyone loses their life, we have some humanity. The problem comes when someone prominent, Joe Rogan, for example, gets COVID, announces that they are treating it with Ivermectin, and lives to tell the story. Obviously, most people who get COVID do not die, and thus the MAGAs are left with the belief that Ivermectic cured the COVID issue and the mindset hardens that much more.


You must tell us more about ourselves.

The left has been morbidly celebrating the deaths and illnesses of peoples of prominence who questioned the efficacy of masks, lockdowns, vaccines, and other pandemic measures that conventional wisdom said were necessary — even good and moral.

It’s no different if any leftist political opponent dies for any reason. They are devoid of the human compassion and ordinary decency that most of us take for granted. The gloating is ghoulish. It’s nauseating. It’s totally unnecessary.

And it has to end.


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