The Democrats' Capitol Riot Committee Will Be a Soviet-Style Show-Trial of Trump

Democratic National Convention via AP

Next week, the House select committee on the Capitol riot will begin its “investigation” into the circumstances surrounding the events of January 6. In truth, the event has already been investigated by eight congressional committees, looking into failures by the police, domestic security agencies, and security at the Capitol.


But Democrats believe much more needs to be investigated. They believe this was a gigantic conspiracy of right-wing, white nationalist extremists who wanted to overthrow the government. And they believe that Donald Trump not only instigated the violence but carefully planned the insurrection in order to stay in office.

Trump had help from congressional Republicans, so we will be told. Some of them gave access to the Capitol to some of the insurrectionists under the guise of giving congressional tours. It was actually a reconnaissance mission,” Democrats will suggest. Others coordinated the actions of the insurrectionists, taking instructions from Trump in the White House.

It may sound bat-guano crazy, but these are the sorts of things that the select committee will investigate. We will hear that this dangerous conspiracy of Oath Keepers, Q-Anon believers, Klansmen, Kluxers, and assorted kooks actually posed a threat to the stability of the American government.

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Without downplaying the seriousness of storming the Capitol building during a vote to certify the 2020 presidential election, one can still see the actions of Democrats for exactly what they are: a hysterically exaggerated, politically motivated, coldly calculated effort to destroy the Republican Party.


The select committee will focus on Donald Trump — not the events surrounding the riot. And when it comes to getting at the “root causes” of the riot, there will be no mention of the previous summer’s political violence from Black Lives Matter, where riots caused billions of dollars of damage.

This hyper-political committee has a script to follow. And it will begin and end with Donald Trump.

“The impeachment trial was about one guy and one crime — it was about presidential incitement to insurrection,” said Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.). Raskin served as lead prosecutor in Trump’s second Senate impeachment trial. “The select committee has the charge of determining how it was organized, how it was financed, and what the purposes of the insurrection were.”


And as the panel prepares for its first hearing next week, those Democrats are foreshadowing an effort to dig deeply into the chaotic endgame of the Trump White House. The waning days of Trump’s reign, they say, laid the groundwork for the Capitol riot and was worsened by a national-security paralysis set into motion by the former president.

“This is a matter of democratic survival and national security to define these events and their causes, and then to prepare for a change, and prepare for security in the future,” Raskin added.


If that were true, why doesn’t Biden declare martial law and go after these people? After all, most of the “plotters” are still out there plotting. What is Biden doing to save us from these extremists?

If one-tenth of what’s been written about Trump’s behavior in his final days in office is true, his family should have him committed to an insane asylum. But all of these “revelations” from aides looking to save their own skin have yet to show any criminal acts by anyone in the White House.

But don’t worry. The Democrats are sure to find some.




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