Terry McAuliffe Says Concerns About CRT Are a 'Right-Wing Conspiracy'

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Virginia Democratic nominee for governor Terry McAuliffe doesn’t think much of CRT criticism. In fact, he thinks it’s a “right-wing conspiracy” involving former president Donald Trump and the GOP nominee for governor, Glenn Youngkin.


Fox News obtained audio that revealed McAuliffe’s fear of the issue doing damage to his chances of winning. By trying to dismiss criticisms of critical race theory as a “conspiracy theory,” he’s trying to delegitimize his critics while downplaying the significance of CRT.

A woman had asked him at a June 4 event: “I was just wondering – with all of the Republicans talking about critical race theory, and they’re making this huge deal about it, and it’s all of the conversation with the news in Virginia. What are you going to say to all of those people making education about that?”

“That’s another right-wing conspiracy,” he said. “This is totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin. This is who they are. It’s a conspiracy theory.”

McAuliffe’s “conspiracy theory” response shows that Youngkin’s attacks on him are hurting. Fox News:

He told Fox News host Tucker Carlson that “it just seems that Terry McAuliffe and the left, liberal Democrats here want to take our education policy from having everybody in the fast lane to putting everybody in the broken down lane.”

Youngkin and others have blasted the Virginia officials for proposing a series of controversial measures that appeared to limit advanced opportunities for students.


“Critical race theory is not a political game or talking point to Virginians,” Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter told Fox News. “Terry should tell that to the parents, teachers, and students in Loudoun County, Fairfax, and across the Commonwealth who are up in arms about the lefts’ political agenda being forced into classrooms.”

The left equates opposing the teaching of CRT with denying America’s troubled racial past. It’s a straw man argument that the left is beginning to lose as school board meetings are jam-packed with angry parents who are asking why schools want to teach kids that they’re racists if they’re white.

Among other things, Virginia state employees have proposed eliminating accelerated math courses and advanced diplomas.

Beyond that, residents have alleged that critical race theory (CRT) is infiltrating various aspects of the educational system, such as its social-emotional learning standards. Various advocates on the left have attempted to deny that CRT influenced material in places like Loudoun County.

Although Loudoun’s superintendent has denied teaching CRT, a public records request and one of its school board member’s comments indicated that the ideology influenced staff and policymaking.


Eliminating accelerated math courses and advanced diplomas has nothing to do with CRT. But it’s another attempt to guarantee “equal outcomes” for children. No child is worthless, but no child is exceptional either. The reasoning behind that is a little fuzzy but apparently, some kids’ feelings are hurt because they’re not as smart or aren’t at the same level as some other kids.

The only outcome that’s “guaranteed” by this attitude is failure.

The goal of CRT advocates is for everyone to view everything through the prism of race — at least, some races. Other races? Not so much. But as CRT becomes mainstream, what is “radical” today will be seen as normal tomorrow unless it’s stopped here and now.


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