Why Can't We Celebrate the Most Spectacular Scientific Miracle of the 21st Century?

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Remember Operation Warp Speed? You could be forgiven if you’ve forgotten about it. The Biden administration and Democrats have undertaken a cleansing operation, trying to scrub the name and achievements of former President Donald Trump from existence. And Trump’s most lasting achievement is going to be the development of a man-made miracle — a vaccine that will save millions of lives that was created in record time despite “experts” saying it couldn’t possibly be done so quickly. And now the Democrats are sweeping this truly American accomplishment under the rug.


By doing so, they only reveal how small and petty they truly are.

Once again, America set out to save the world and we were successful. We did it because enough of us believed that America is an exceptional country still capable of awe-inspiring and magical feats. And it wouldn’t have been possible without one of the most innovative and effective government programs ever created.

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Operation Warp Speed was a public-private partnership that took an innovative and logical approach to the problem of creating a vaccine faster than had ever been done in history. It married the government’s deep pockets with the competitive nature of capitalism and produced not one, but two highly effective and safe vaccines in less than a year. As many as 7 vaccine candidates were all on the fast track to development, leading private companies to launch an unprecedented effort, competing to be first.

To say “it worked” would be an understatement.


The federal government’s unprecedented investment in vaccine candidates trumped conventional wisdom and the skeptics, producing what is probably the biggest scientific achievement of the 21st century. Remarkably, the COVID-19 vaccines may be pioneering novel technology that could be used to power other vaccines that could finally protect us against some of the most stubborn viruses, like HIV.

We should be looking at OWS like we do the Apollo Program or the global campaign that wiped out smallpox. Yet we’ve seen very few victory laps, let alone reflection on one of the most successful government interventions in living memory.


ABC News has commented on the “forgetfulness” of the Biden administration when it comes to the history of vaccine development. But the old Soviet Union would have been proud of the way the Biden administration has been so systematic in its careful scrubbing of the historical record.


If you search the Health and Human Services website, you’ll similarly find very little information on OWS — mostly you’ll just see old press releases from the previous administration.

In fact, it appears that HHS has even removed the old OWS page, which offers a comprehensive fact sheet and timeline that lays out how the government administered the initiative. You can still access this page through the Wayback Machine here (at the very bottom you’ll see the words “Content last reviewed on December 14, 2020.”)

We shouldn’t be memory holing the government program that helped save the planet from a wicked disease.

When history becomes a slave to an ideology, the very idea of history as a true and accurate accounting of events is lost. The development of a vaccine, no matter how remarkable, is now subject to wholesale revision because those who control the narrative have deemed Trump — and, by extension, America itself — unworthy actors in the drama.

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So not only Donald Trump’s role but his entire creation must be thrown under the bus. It’s a truly sad commentary on those who fear the truth so much they would bend over backward and turn double somersaults to avoid it.


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