We're in a 'Perpetual Pandemic' With No End in Sight

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The Spectator’s Stephen L. Miller has given voice to what many of us have recognized for months.

This pandemic is not going to end. It will continue because there are politicians, pundits, and experts with a vested interest — economic or personal — in seeing it continue.


Presently, we’re in the midst of the “third” wave (or is it the fourth? I haven’t been keeping track) of the pandemic. The headlines and media stories keep filling our inboxes with “pandemic porn.” Beware the variants! The vaccines are perfectly safe but you may get a fatal blood clot if you take them! Did I mention the “variants” on the march?!!

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In case you didn’t realize it, pandemic porn is designed to keep you scared so that you run to big-daddy government for protection. Don’t go back to work yet. The government will send another check if you need it. And for God’s sake, stay away from crowds, don’t eat indoors, and if you must travel, make sure you are double-masked.

As COVID cases and deaths in Michigan soar, under a #girlboss governor who received endless praise in New York Times puff-pieces, the free state of Texas is almost completely open, with full baseball stadiums, no mask mandates — and a steadily declining COVID death rate. Dr Anthony Fauci must be scratching his head at how this could possibly be. Of course, Fauci is the same expert who praised Andrew Cuomo’s handling of managing the pandemic as well. He’s one of several public health officials who see their time at the podium possibly coming to an end. His tenure skipping from media outlet to media outlet, offering mixed messages on vaccines and a return to normalcy, is soon to expire.


Dr. Fauci is a public health bureaucrat. That he was able to capture the attention of so many for so long is a mystery. His no-mask/mask/double-mask switcheroos should have sent him off stage after a couple of press conferences and discredited him as an “expert” forever.

He was the absolute worst person to place in charge of informing the American people about the virus. He’s a scientist, not a politician. He had no idea that his continuous contradictions — necessary because what the research was telling us about the coronavirus changed almost daily — were causing confusion and panic. In the end, he became a pathetic figure.

But Fauci is not alone in issuing mixed messaging about getting the country back on track. Several mainstream media outlets aren’t quite ready to move on either. MSNBC’s Joy Reid (or was it a hacker?) tweeted that ‘I too am one vax down, but even when I get the second shot, I am too “scurred” to be out there wildin. No flying and no indoor activities for me. Nope!’ The Washington Post ran a perspective piece declaring ‘I’m vaccinated, but I’m really not ready to leave my pandemic cocoon.’ Poor you!

And let’s not forget the politicians like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer or New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who so royally botched their initial responses that no one believed anything they said. The pandemic may actually claim Cuomo’s job because of his lies about nursing home deaths.


I guess there’s a silver lining even to a deadly pandemic.

Whitmer has seen most of her “emergency” measures overturned in court. She panicked and overstepped her authority. And what are governors like Gavin Newsom in California and elsewhere going to do when people can actually go to church and are able to worship their God?

Let’s hope their heads don’t explode.

Eventually, reluctantly, politicians, public health bureaucrats, and even the media will be forced to declare the pandemic is at an end. But don’t be surprised if Fauci tells people to keep wearing their masks — just to be safe, you know.


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