Where's Joe? Democratic Congressman Wonders Why Biden Hasn't Visited Border Yet

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Joe Biden has yet to visit the embattled communities along the border as the migrant surge ramps up. This is unusual. For a liberal, this is a dream scenario. Not only could the president over-emote, blubbering all over the border, showing solidarity with citizens, but he could demonstrate how truly compassionate he is by embracing the new arrivals.


Think of all the photo ops.

But Biden has been absent and Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar wants to know where he is.

“Any president should come down [and] really spend time with border communities. You know, the president sent a delegation and a bunch of folks from the White House,” the nine-term Congressman told Fox News. “They didn’t talk to anybody, not even members of Congress down here.”

Meanwhile, private groups and individuals are trying to sound the alarm. The crisis will be worse than the 2019 nightmare.

“We believe the numbers will certainly increase to 2019 levels,” said Sister Norma Pimentel, executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley in McAllen, a city near the Mexican border.

New York Post:

The organization runs a respite center where newly arrived migrants can get a meal, clean clothes and arrange travel to other parts of the US where they have family. Pimentel told The Post her organization is processing more than 500 people a day. At the height of the border crisis in 2019, Pimentel’s organization was helping more than 1,000 migrants a day, she said.

“There are efforts on the part of the administration to fix root causes because most people want to stay in their own countries,” she said. “But until we fix that, people will just keep coming.”

Sorry, sister, but that’s a load of crap. The “root causes” of migration will not be “fixed” in our lifetimes and simply throwing money at the problem will probably enrich the cartels and criminal gangs that run those hell-holes and no one else.


It’s not bad people who are at fault. The migrants — with a few exceptions — are good people suffering from a bad case of bad government. The governments in the region are waiting for the U.S. to deal with the problem, hoping they can hold on to most of their ill-gotten gains — shamelessly stolen from their own citizens. But the bottom line is this is not a problem for the U.S. to solve. It’s a regional problem that requires a regional response and the will to see it through.

Our self-image as a nation demands we “do something” for these poor, desperate people. Opening our doors and allowing for massive resettlement of whole populations is not the answer. But Biden and his crew of open-borders fanatics won’t stop until their “humanitarian impulses” kill us.


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