Soros-Backed DA Wants to Prosecute Doctor Who Vaccinated Unauthorized People

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On December 29 of last year, Dr. Hasan Gorkal was faced with a crisis. He was at a mass vaccination event and not enough people had shown up to get vaccinated. He had just opened a new vial of the vaccine of which he administered only one dose.


That left 10 doses unused and the clock was ticking. Gorkal had six hours to use the rest of the vaccine before it went bad. He told the Harris County public health officials what he was doing and then found several elderly patients who hadn’t been approved to get vaccinated yet, but certainly would have been approved soon. The last person to receive a dose was his wife who also would have received authorization very soon given that she had a lung condition.

Enter Kim Ogg, a George Soros-backed district attorney of Harris County who received $1.4 million in campaign donations from a Soros social justice group, the Texas Organizing Project. “He abused his position to place his friends and family in line in front of people who had gone through the lawful process to be there,” Ogg said back in January. That’s not what happened, but Ogg hauled Gorkal before a judge, anyway.

The judge essentially laughed Ogg’s case out of court and reprimanded her office for attempting to “criminalize a doctor’s documented administration of vaccine doses during a public health emergency.”


Instead of backing down and apologizing, Ogg is doubling down. She’s taking Gorkal’s case to a grand jury, trying for an indictment for theft. The doctor was fired from his job for violating “protocol.” His bosses say he should have returned the unused vaccine or thrown it out.

The Texas medical establishment is backing Gorkal and support doctors who skip vaccination protocols in order not to waste a single dose.


If what Gokal’s claiming is true—that he was told doses should be allowed to expire rather than be injected—anybody who told him this and anybody who thinks this way needs to be ejected from any sort of position of authority in the vaccination process.

By all means, focus on those who are at the greatest risk of spread or those who would suffer the most or are most likely to die if they’re infected. But no moral or ethical goal is served when any dose of a vaccine goes to waste. Nobody’s version of “equity” should result in fewer people being vaccinated against a deadly disease out of a comically cruel concept of fairness.

“Comically cruel” describes Ogg’s unconscionable pursuit of Gorkal. After all, this is a DA who came into office promising Soros-style reforms: no bail, light prison sentences, and coddling violent criminals.


But the doctor violated the first commandment of woke society: fairness. It was unfair to vaccinate anyone who hadn’t filled out the proper forms and who hadn’t been told by the government that they could now receive a life-saving vaccine.

Perhaps Ogg would do better to go after Gorkal’s brain-dead bosses at the Harris County Public Health Department, who smeared him with the “theft” accusation and then fired him. Gorkal is suing them for wrongful termination.

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