Joe Biden: The 'Contra Trump' Airbrushes Operation Warp Speed Away

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A good, old-fashioned communist purge is underway in Washington as the erasure of Donald Trump begins.

Anyone and everyone who had anything to do with Trump is being canceled, fired, and shamed. Trump employees are unable to get other jobs. Saying you worked for Trump is like the kiss of death and leads to ostracization and termination.


I suppose it could be worse. There could be real communists in charge and most of these poor souls would find themselves dead of a heart attack or a victim of a car crash. Nothing quite so gauche as a public execution. “These things must be done delicately,” to quote the Wicked Witch of the West. But perhaps when all is said and done, it doesn’t matter how it’s done. Your life is ruined anyway.

The left is setting a dangerous precedent by canceling anyone who had anything to do with Trump. And the scrubbing of Trump from government, removing all references to him, or anything that reminds the public of Trump, is equally fraught.

The latest example is the incoming Biden administration changing the name of the successful effort to develop a vaccine. Operation Warp Speed makes people think of Trump, so it’s got to go.


The “Operation Warp Speed” name will be retired, incoming White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted on Friday. She said there was an “urgent need to address the failures of the Trump team approach to vaccine distribution.” Psaki did not say what the new name will be.

Psaki added that many of the same civil servants will be involved in the response, but the structure will be changed.


The “structure” refers to changing nameplates on office doors. There is no reason to change the name of the most successful collaboration between science and government since the Apollo program. Operation Warp Speed delivered a scientific miracle in creating several vaccines against the coronavirus in a matter of months, not years as with every other vaccine.

You have to wonder if, had a Democrat had been in office, the same results could have been achieved. Democrats certainly wouldn’t have worked so closely with corporations and would have insisted on a competitive bidding process that would have taken months. Then there would have been delays making sure all the companies involved were woke and had proper sexual harassment procedures in place. Their workforce would have been carefully balanced in race, gender, and sexual orientation, and their bathrooms would have had to be open to anyone.

But Biden doesn’t just want to scrub Trump from history. He needs to be the “Contra Trump.” Anything Trump accomplished, he must do the opposite. Every Trump policy must not only be reversed but buried as well.

There’s a practical political consideration involved. Anything Biden does that reminds his rabid supporters of Donald Trump will fall on him like a ton of bricks and they will never let him hear the end of it. It will be a large part of the radical left’s effort to keep Biden in line — especially in the first months he’s in office.


Donald Trump is about to be erased and would be forgotten if stories and commentary on him didn’t sell so many newspapers and grab a ton of eyeballs for TV. You’d expect historians to demand Trump’s name be stricken from the history books and the previous four years of history be blacklisted.

But don’t worry. Even the victims of a communist purge could be “rehabilitated” and brought back from the dead. Eventually, America will come to terms with Trump’s legacy. Democrats, however, never will.

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