Trigger Warning: The American Flag is 'Sensitive Content' at Baylor University In Texas

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Every September 11, the Young Conservatives of Texas place a flag memorial in a prominent place on campus as a way to remember the victims of 9/11.

But this year, the YCT ran afoul of the mob who forced school authorities to place a warning sign in front of the display.  The sign cautioned the easily triggered of “sensitive” content.


Daily Caller:

“The Young Conservatives of Texas at Baylor are highly disappointed in Baylor’s conduct in this matter. We have consistently proven that we are dedicated to conducting a respectful and apolitical 9/11 memorial and have never even asked to put our name with this event,” Baylor YCT Chair Jake Neidert told the DCNF.

“At the end of the day, Young Conservatives of Texas stands for Principles over Party, and today Baylor made a 9/11 memorial out to be a sensitive partisan and political event. Memorializing 9/11 isn’t political or sensitive, it’s distinctly American,” Neidert added.

Ah, my precious children. The fact that it’s “American” is the reason it’s “sensitive.”

I’ve never been able to understand the mindset that simply seeing the American flag or anything “American” should trigger anyone. It’s simple-minded to be triggered in the first place and we should expect more from people attending an institution of higher learning.


Of course, no one is “triggered” in the sense that they become emotionally crippled. But it’s trendy and hip to say you’re triggered. And if mommy and daddy are paying more than $60,000 a year at the top end to send you to be “educated,” school officials will facilitate your trendiness and hipsterness and give you what you want.

Meanwhile, the university pled ignorance.

“Baylor University fully supports the 9/11 display of American flags depicting the thousands of lives lost as a result of the attacks that took place 19 years ago,” Baylor told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Out of reverence for the exhibit of flags and in knowing that its moving symbolism could evoke a wide range of emotions, signage was placed near the display notifying those who passed by of its potential impact.”

“We regret that the signage we used has taken away from the intent of the display and apologize for any misunderstanding this may have caused,” the statement continued.

Are they scared they’ll get sued by some snowflake because they got emotional seeing the display and thinking about 9/11? Earth to Baylor: The whole point of the display was to evoke an emotional response. And yet, any such response is ruined by the jarring “warning label” that the officials unnecessarily erected.


If someone is so sensitive that they could be emotionally injured by a display of American flags, they need to be institutionalized.

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