Police Union Cancels Endorsements of Violent, Profane Anti-Police Democrat Candidates In Minnesota

(David Joles /Star Tribune via AP)

The most powerful police union in the state of Minnesota has pulled endorsements of several Democratic candidates after one of the candidates was recorded shouting “Blue lives ain’t s–t” outside Police Federation President Bob Kroll’s home.


The candidate was also filmed beating an effigy of Kroll and his wife in their own driveway.

The candidate for the statehouse, John Thompson, is a fine example of Democratic politicians in the state.

Fox News:

Minneapolis state house candidate John Thompson stood outside the police union leader’s home and and gave an expletive-laden speech to a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators in August.

“Come on over here with your ‘Blue Lives Matter’ sign,” he said. “Blue lives ain’t s—, and if people in Hugo don’t support black people, f— Hugo.”

I don’t think Mr. Thompson quite understands this concept of running for office. Offending people won’t get you very far. Nor will beating an effigy of the police federation president in his own driveway win him many admirers.

One clip shows him saying “You think we give a f–k about burning Hugo down?” In another, he says “F–k Hugo.”

Ken Martin, the state’s DFL chairman, said the party doesn’t condone Thompson’s rhetoric but it is “grateful” for his work against racism.


His work against racism doesn’t include much healing, I see.

Peters confirmed late Thursday to the Star Tribune that his board reversed course on several DFL endorsements, but declined to share the full list for publication. He said members of the police group wanted to see Democrats give a stronger condemnation of Thompson and because he targeted Kroll’s wife.

“The endorsements that we rescinded, my issue was those candidates did not stand up to their leadership and put pressure on and ask why are we supporting a candidate who did this in Hugo,” he told the Star Tribune. “If this is the future of the Democratic Party, my organization is going to support elsewhere.”

Naturally, the GOP candidates who are benefitting from the switch in endorsements are happy to accept the cops’ support.

“Democrats have turned their backs on law enforcement and embraced radical ideas like disarming peace officers and defunding police departments,” Susan Akland, the Republican candidate running against DFL Rep. Jeff Brand in a southern Minnesota district, wrote on Facebook.

Republican candidate Bill Maresh, running against  Rep. Zack Stephenson, DFL-Coon Rapids, posted a letter on Facebook from the group informing him of the endorsement.

There are plenty of Republican bomb-throwers out there, especially at the statehouse level so his rhetoric — while disturbing and wildly inappropriate in a political campaign — doesn’t concern me as much as the explicit threat against the police union president after beating a stand-in in his driveway. He also beat an effigy of the president’s wife — a prominent newscaster in the area.


Thompson gave an apology of sorts. “Inflammatory rhetoric is not how I want to address the important issues we’re facing, and I apologize,” he said. How about threatening a police union president and his wife with bodily harm? Sheesh.

I suppose we better get used to this sort of thing. There are no brakes on wild rhetoric and threatening actions. Thompson will probably become a rising star in the DFL because his colleagues are “grateful” for his “speaking out.”

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