Anti-Trump Hysterics Looking to Block Emergency Authorization of COVID-19 Vaccine

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The TDS crowd is looking to block the FDA from issuing emergency authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine if one becomes available in the next few weeks. Currently, there are several vaccines undergoing final testing and it’s expected that at least one of them will be applying very soon for an FDA waiver in order to start inoculating frontline health care workers, emergency responders, and those individuals at the highest risk of death or serious illness.


But the Trump-hating left is terrified. Not that the vaccine would be a failure but that it would be a success. If it is, Donald Trump will almost certainly benefit politically. They are willing to risk tens of thousands of lives to defeat Trump.

The FDA announced on Friday that the agency would consider granting emergency approval if the human trials continue to go well. That brought an immediate response from the Biden camp. He said Trump was meddling in the vaccine process and politicizing it. In fact, that’s an idiotic charge, as Betsy McCaughey points out, writing in the New York Post.

Trump is revolutionizing how vaccines are developed. He learned what not to do from the pathetic performance of the Obama-Biden administration when the H1N1 virus struck in 2009.

The first victim was a 23-month-old Texas baby who died in April 2009. The Obama administration promised to develop and manufacture 100 million vaccine doses by October but came up with only 11 million, due to a flawed plan and bungled manufacturing. As the delay dragged on, infections tripled to 60 million.

Not exactly a stellar record to run on.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn sought unsuccessfully to assure the public that it would be science, not politics, that determined vaccine authorization.

Hahn insists emergency use hinges on data, not politics, but anti-Trumpers accuse him of trying to boost the president’s re-election chances. These are the same voices who bash hydroxychloroquine, attack emergency use of remdesivir and wish failure on whatever breakthrough could stop the COVID carnage.


If you think that these leftist hysterics care more about defeating Trump than saving lives. you’re right.

In his eagerness to contrast his approach to fighting the virus with Trump’s. Biden is now stuck having to place his fate in the hands of public health officials who continue to tell him to avoid big crowds while he issues dire warnings about another lockdown.

Biden will continue to brag about following the “science” while Trump flouts the regulations. It remains to be seen if either strategy is a winner.


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