Have We Hit Peak Mask-Shaming?

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Everyone is piling on people who don’t wear masks. And if they’re Republican, they’re virtually being accused of murder.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey was photographed not wearing a mask at a June graduation party. What’s worse, he wasn’t practicing social distancing. This double transgression deserves the rack, or at least the stocks.


The only problem is that it was a private backyard party. “It was a family event. It was a graduation, and he stopped by to say ‘happy graduation,” said Ducey’s chief of staff.

Yes, but masks! And Socialist distancing…er, that’s social distancing, comrade.


But Santini responded to the spokesperson’s comment by stating, “The picture speaks for itself. June was just as bad a time to go to a party.” His image has since been shared more than 3,000 times on Twitter.

So there!

Meanwhile, a liberal veterans group is calling Donald Trump a “traitor” for wearing a mask.

That’s right. Trump is a traitor because he finally relented and wore a mask. But he’s not a traitor to those who aren’t wearing masks. He’s a traitor because…well, just because.

VoteVets called the president a traitor in its video while declaring his decision to wear a mask at the medical center was merely a “photo-op.” It also called attention to a report last month by The New York Times that said the president was briefed earlier this year after Russia allegedly offered bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan in 2019. The White House and Trump have denied that the president had any knowledge of the bounty offers.


So Trump is a traitor for wearing the mask as a campaign prop or because he let the Russians kill Americans by paying bounties for their deaths (which didn’t happen). Take your pick — it’s all the same to them.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis decided to up the hysteria by calling state residents who don’t wear masks, “selfish bastards.”

On Sunday, Polis posted on his campaign Facebook account to remind Colorado residents that scientific studies supported the use of face coverings and face masks in public places to help reduce the spread of the virus, adding: “So if you’re a selfish bastard and wearing a mask to protect others isn’t enough of reason to do so, then maybe protecting yourself is?”

So masks are scientifically proven to help reduce the spread of the virus but you’re selfish bastard for not wearing one because you might infect some other selfish bastard who isn’t wearing a mask either?

Just want to make sure I got that right.

I think we’ve hit peak mask shaming hysteria. My colleague at PJ Media Victoria Taft has her own “mask shaming” war story.


This mask shaming business has gone too far. I remember an America where everyone minded their own business and didn’t invade the personal space of total strangers. But the mask shaming movement is a perfect opportunity for every busybody in the country to make everything their business.

Shaming people for what they believe, what they think, what they do has never been easier — or more popular. Soon those who don’t participate in the shame game will be overwhelmed by those who do.

I’m sure the FEMA reeducation camps will welcome us with open arms.

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