What Price Peace? UN Rights Chief Calls for Slavery Reparations

(Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP)

The UN’s Human Rights Council may be a joke to anyone with more than 2 brain cells working but the western media takes them very seriously. They love to be reminded that rampant corruption, brutal oppression, inept and incompetent government is the fault of white European nations that colonized most of the world and not the oppressed majorities in the world’s trouble spots.



Addressing an urgent debate on racism and police brutality at the UN human rights council in Geneva, Michelle Bachelet called on countries to examine their pasts and to strive to better understand the scope of continuing “systemic discrimination”.

She pointed to the “gratuitous brutality” on display in the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in Minneapolis in the US on 25 May after a white police officer – since charged with murder – kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Why is this an “urgent” debate? It’s not like racism made a sudden appearance on the planet like the coronavirus. Racism has been part of the human condition since before civilization began and they’re just now getting around to talking about it?

And people wonder why the UN is seen as useless?

This symbol of “systemic racism … has become emblematic of the excessive use of disproportionate force by law enforcement, against people of African descent, against people of colour, and against indigenous peoples and racial and ethnic minorities in many countries across the globe,” Bachelet said.

“Behind today’s racial violence, systemic racism and discriminatory policing lies the failure to acknowledge and confront the legacy of the slave trade and colonialism,” she said.


I vehemently disagree that we have failed to acknowledge and confront the legacy of slavery and colonialism. What we refuse to acknowledge is some people’s interpretation of that legacy.  The modern ills of the black community in America cannot be explained away by using racism as an excuse for cultural differences. Such thinking only hides long-standing, systemic failures of black leadership to help individual black citizens to take responsibility for their own lives.

Bachelet then gives us the “solution” to our problems.

She stressed the need to “make amends for centuries of violence and discrimination, including through formal apologies, truth-telling processes, and reparations in various forms”.

What “truth-telling”? And why apologize to people dead and buried for 150 years? Apologies are meaningless. Truth-telling is an interesting concept but whose truth? Who should do the telling? Who do we give a “formal” apology to?

Apologies are humiliating and the emotional satisfaction gleaned from having someone grovel at your feet begging forgiveness is unseemly. And “truth” is not objective. It’s subjective and one person or one race’s “truth” differs from another’s.


There is no universal truth. If that’s what you seek, read the Bible, or the Koran, or the Hindu Bhagavad Gita. You definitely won’t find it at any “Reconciliation Commission” set up by liberal American activists to put the white race on trial.

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