Trump Approval Bests Obama, Bush at Same Point In Their Terms


On his 1209th day in office, Donald Trump’s approval rating stands at 49 percent. This number is better than the approval for Barack Obama (47 percent) also on the 1209th day in office, and George Bush (46 percent) on the 1205th day in office.


The poll measured the approval of Trump from all adults.

Interestingly, Trump’s numbers are better than four of the last six presidents.

Washington Examiner:

Also, at this stage of their presidencies and heading into the reelection, Bill Clinton was at 55% approval, George H.W. Bush at 40%, Ronald Reagan at 52%, and Jimmy Carter at 38%.

Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, and Reagan won reelection.

Some pollsters explain that there has been a backlash against the media’s coverage of Trump and the coronavirus and the economy. In the latest McLaughlin & Associates survey, for example, 48% said the media has been unfair to 42% who said it has been fair.

Yes, the media is certainly doing its part to re-elect Trump. First, few believe their reporting. Second, their hysterical anti-Trump coverage is forcing ordinary voters to question their sanity. They are not seeing the United States on the precipice of dictatorship, nor do they see people dropping dead in the streets from coronavirus and they are asking themselves what planet these people have come from?

John McLaughlin told Secrets, “They play to a small active, deranged, anti-Trump base for clicks on the internet. That’s not journalism. In the process, they disregard facts and destroy their own credibility. The establishment media is no longer an independent, nonpartisan check and balance on both major parties. Instead, they are an extension of the liberal Democratic Party.”

And the latest Economist/YouGov survey showed that just one-third of voters blame Trump for the virus-crushed economy.


That YouGov polls shows only 26 percent of Democrats think the bad economy is all Trump’s fault and 28 percent more believe the downturn is mostly Trump’s fault. That’s barely 50 percent of the opposition party blaming the incumbent for all or most of our economic woes.

It’s still a long way to go to November and there are a lot of landmines for Trump to avoid. How does he push back against the inevitable “I told you so” from pundits for encouraging states to reopen despite more positive tests and deaths? What happens when a vaccine becomes available? Can the economy avoid a depression or are we already doomed?

These are political problems. Trump has appeared adept at times in maneuvering through these minefields, but has not been as sure of himself at other times. Fortunately, he’s running against Joe Biden whose moribund campaign can’t seem to get off the starting blocks.

With Trump ahead in 15 major battleground states and his approval at near 50 percent, Biden is going to have to do more than whine about Trump’s response to the coronavirus from his basement.





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