Senator Hawley Believes China Should Be Held to Account for Allowing the Coronavirus Pandemic

Staff sell masks at a Yifeng Pharmacy in Wuhan, Chin, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020. Pharmacies in Wuhan are restricting customers to buying one mask at a time amid high demand and worries over an outbreak of a new coronavirus. The number of cases of the new virus has risen over 400 in China and the death toll to 9, Chinese health authorities said Wednesday. (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley believes that the Chinese Communist government is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. What’s more, they know they’re responsible and have launched a massive propaganda campaign to deflect blame onto the United States.


Everyone knows the coronavirus originated in China. That was an act of nature that China had no control over. But its subsequent actions in allowing the virus to spread while hiding the true extent of the danger from world health authorities make it legally culpable.

Hawley penned an op-ed for Fox News demanding an international investigation.

The Chinese Communist Party has done everything it can to hide the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Party officials interrogated and punished Chinese doctors who tried to warn others as the virus began to spread. They ordered laboratories to stop testing for the virus and destroy their samples when it became clear that an outbreak was underway. They even sat on evidence showing the virus could be transmitted between humans. By the time they shared that information, the virus had already spread to other nations.

The Party’s decisions turned a local disease outbreak into a global pandemic. Rather than confront the coronavirus with the help of others – including American experts, whom it denied entry in January – it kept its citizens and the world in the dark. It let the virus slip over its borders, and it stole precious weeks from the United States and others who could have used that time to ready our national defenses.


Now the Chinese Communists are trying to rewrite history by claiming they’re actually the heroes of the pandemic drama. They’ve been transparent since the beginning, they say. They are trying to make us believe that they “bought time” to fight the virus through their efforts and the rest of the world squandered it.

Most preposterously, they claim the virus didn’t even originate in China, that it was created by the U.S. army.

Hawley thinks the time is now to begin the legal process of holding China accountable.

The first step to holding the Chinese Communist Party accountable is an international investigation. That is why I have introduced a Senate resolution calling on the United States and other nations to investigate how Beijing’s mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak contributed to this pandemic.

We need to know exactly what the Party knew, when it knew it, and how the Party’s decisions to try and hide the virus allowed it to spread and kept the United States and other nations from protecting ourselves sooner. I’m proud to have  U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., lead this effort in the House.


There’s plenty of evidence of China’s legal responsibility for causing massive death and trillions of dollars in economic activity destroyed. So the question becomes, what good will it do? China will never pay a cent to anyone and will continue to deny the truth and stonewall any investigation. What purpose does it serve to find China guilty?

If you believe the historical record is important, discovering the truth for future generations is worthwhile. But perhaps whatever damage can be done to China’s hegemonistic designs by knocking them down a peg or two in the world’s estimation is even more worth it.


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