More Votes 'Found' in Georgia and Florida

Dr. Brenda Snipes( AP Photo/Joe Skipper)

It’s a conspiracy theory, don’t you know?

The Georgia Democratic Party sent out a curious tweet yesterday.


I love the way they describe these votes as “new,” as if they didn’t exist before.

Washington Examiner:

The Democratic Party of Georgia tweeted Saturday evening that a “handful” of Georgia counties reported thousands of “new” absentee, early, and Election Day votes not accounted for by Republican candidate Brian Kemp.

Kemp, who resigned as secretary of state on Thursday, has asserted victory even though the race has not been called and Abrams has yet to concede.

The latest vote tally on the Georgia secretary of state’s website shows Kemp leading by more than a percentage point. Kemp had 1,975,806 votes to Abrams’ 1,916,931 — a margin of 58,875 votes — leading 50.28 percent to Abrams’ 48.78 percent. The Libertarian candidate, Ted Metz, had a mere 37,149 votes and 0.95 percent of the vote.

Earlier in the day, Kemp’s campaign argued that it was “mathematically impossible” for Abrams to pull ahead or get close enough to trigger a recount, even with the remaining uncounted provisional and military ballots.

But, Abram’s campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo shot back, saying Kemp “lied” about the numbers.

So 5569 “new” votes were “found” and 4804 were for Abrams? I am terrible at math but I figure that’s more than 85% of the “new” votes that were “found” were cast for Abrams.


Do you think the counties that reported these “new” votes were Republican or Democratic?

Meanwhile, the comedy of errors continues in Florida’s Broward County with Democratic Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes working overtime to deliver — for her party.

The Floridian:

The controversy surrounding unaccounted for ballots in Broward continues as provisional ballots were found unattended in a the Tamarac Lakes Community Center.

Upon finding them Saturday night, a citizen called the Broward Sheriff’s Office after finding election equipment and two locked boxes marked “Provisional Ballot Box.”

Lt. Ulvang was notified, and Dep. Sammarco and Sgt. Rivera are presently on the scene.

Sgt. Chenoweth of the Broward Sheriff’s Office spoke to Javier Manjarres of the Floridian and told him that he was there to investigate and secure the scene. After the BSO concluded their investigation, The Floridian was allowed to enter and document the voting equipment and the provisional ballots that were left.

You shouldn’t worry about this. Ms. Snipes held a press conference specifically to address this incredible incident:

Shortly after publishing this story, Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes and her team addressed the newly found provisional ballot box. In a press conferenced called to specifically address the matter, Snipes’ press secretary Dottie Joseph and Counsel Eugene K. Pettis said that the box was used to insert completed provisional ballots, but was also used as storage.

The boxes had a duel purpose. Pettis opened one sealed sample box that was being stored to show reporters the contents. That particular box was used to store office supplies, but when asked where the actual box in question was, Pettis could only say that the box  was “still on the truck.”


Why would they seal a box full of supplies? Or, in this photo, lock a box that didn’t contain votes?

Nothing to see here. Move along.

A couple of days ago, someone found several boxes of provisional ballots at an elementary school — in Broward County, of course. You have to wonder if Broward County poll workers got soused at the polls and were too drunk to do their jobs and send these boxes of “new” votes to be counted.

So c’mon, you conspiracy nuts — get off it. In fact, you’re being racist for even questioning where all these “new” votes are coming from. Just sit down, shut up, and let the Democrats count every vote — several times if necessary — to get the results the people demand.


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