Voters Don't Care Very Much About Issues Liberals Care About a Lot


Gallup has released a poll of the most important issues facing the country. It was taken earlier this month and, in what must be a terrible surprise to liberals, no one even mentioned climate change or “the situation with Russia.”


Regarding economic problems, there is little concern about inflation (good for Republicans) and there isn’t much worry about the “gap between rich and poor” (bad for Democrats).

On non-economic problems, more bad news for Democrats. Not only is there no mention by voters of climate change and Russia, but worry about immigration/illegal aliens tops the list.

Liberals have been harping on health care for months so it’s not surprising it comes in at 6th. Right behind it is worry about the “decline of the family.”

Gun control is 9th, but sliding in importance from previous months. If history is any guide, it won’t  be much of an issue by election day.

It seems that the average voter just doesn’t care that much about issues that liberals believe are life and death.


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