Brain-Dead Lefties Blame Trump for False Missile Alert

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

The false missile alert issued by the Hawaiian Emergency Management Agency on Saturday appears to have been the result of a state employee pressing the wrong button during a shift change.


The EMA is a wholly state agency. It is funded partly by the feds, but is staffed and managed by the Hawaiian state government.

So, of course, liberals are blaming the president of the United States for the screw-up.

Trump was golfing when the alert was issued and then retracted. He never left the golf course to make a statement or even send a tweet despite the terror felt by hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Fault him for that. But even if North Korea didn’t exist, a false alert about an incoming ballistic missile would have caused the same kind of terror and panic. To say that Trump is at fault for people being terrified is absurd.


Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard also criticized Trump for “taking too long” to address the situation and help quell the tensions brought about by the false missile alert, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Donald Trump is taking too long,” Gabbard said. “He’s not taking this threat seriously. There’s no time to waste.”

Gabbard also told CNN that people in Hawaii should “live with the reality of this message popping up on their phones” if Trump continues his word war with Kim Jong-un.

Gabbard also called for Trump to stop playing politics and “get rid of this threat from North Korea” by achieving peace.

“This is literally life and death that is at stake, for the people of Hawaii and the people of this country,” Gabbard further said.

Gee…who woulda thunk it? How accepting North Korea as a nuclear-armed nation would make us safer is a mystery for those of us with more than two brain cells working.

Gabbard doesn’t mention how we can achieve peace with North Korea because it’s an inconvenient fact that Democratic Presidents Clinton and Obama, and Republican President George Bush, enabled the regime of Kim Jong Un to build nuclear weapons and ICBMs to threaten us. They kicked the can down the road, refusing to deal with the problem and knowing full well that Kim wouldn’t be able to threaten the U.S. on their watch.


The can has stopped at the feet of Donald Trump and he has been forced to deal with the threat to the U.S. as well as our allies South Korea and Japan.

The threat of a nuclear exchange with North Korea (or Russia or China for that matter) would be present even if Hillary Clinton had been elected. The Hawaiian people would have been just as panicked and just as terrified if Clinton sat in the Oval Office rather than Trump.

Anyone with half a brain who thought about the situation for more than 10 seconds would realize that. I guess that doesn’t include Curtis, Carrey, and Gabbard.


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