Does the MAGA Hat Possess Magical Properties that Drive Some People Insane?

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I have come to the conclusion that the Trump “Make America Great Again” hat is imbued with magical powers. It apparently has the ability to drive some people absolutely nuts — forcing them to relinquish all reason and logic while substituting incoherence and lunacy.


As proof, I offer the following:

  1. An enterprising New Yorker wore the hat around town, reporting that he might as well have been wearing “a Red Sox hat in Yankee Stadium.”
  2. A crazed leftist woman stole the hat off of a Trump supporter at the University of California-Riverside — and bragged about it on YouTube only to face felony charges for her trouble.
  3. Chelsea Clinton was triggered when she saw a poster advertising a GOP event in Palm Beach County that featured a picture of Abe Lincoln wearing the offending chapeau.

Clearly, there is something about that hat that is capable of altering people’s consciousness — some magical property that bewitches certain bystanders who unwittingly come in contact with it.

On the Fordham University campus, several Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats wandered into a coffee shop and were accosted by a student employee who claimed the shop was a “safe space” and anyone wearing that hat wasn’t welcome.

New York Post:

Students wearing Trump’s trademark MAGA ball caps were accosted by a student worker at Rodrigue’s Coffee House, which is run by volunteers and is organized as a club.

“Get out! Five minutes,” the worker barked. “I’m protecting our customers … you are wearing hats that completely violate safe space policy. You have to go. ”

She exploded when Michael Esposito, 19, asked her to explain.

“Fascism, Nazis!” shouted the snowflake. “You have three minutes.”

“I do not see fascism, Nazis on this hat,” Esposito answered. “I see America.”

“It was humiliating to be called a Nazi in front of so many people I go to school with,” Esposito told The Post. “It’s almost scary.”

The students said they were not seeking trouble.

“It’s not like we’re here reading off a manifesto,” said Sebastian Balasov, 21..

The cafe has a lengthy set of “safer space” rules. including “Do not make assumptions about someone’s gender, sexuality, race, class, or experiences” and “No racism – No sexism – No homophobia.”

The rules do not mention headgear.

“They try to say that all are welcome,” Spring said. “But if you talk about diversity, that has to include diversity of thought and opinion, too.”


See what I mean?

Actually, I’ve developed an alternate theory that it’s really all in the minds of those who are triggered by the sight of the hat. Maybe they are repelled by the color red. Perhaps the words tap into some deep, atavistic negative response that early humans were afflicted by.

It couldn’t be that political opponents of the president are loony tunes anyway and the hat has nothing to do with anything except that it reminds them how crazy they get when they see a pro-Trump supporter, could it?

Maybe we should just stick to the “magic hat” theory and leave it at that.


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