DNC Has Worst Fundraising May Since 2003

Tom Perez Bernie Sanders 'Come Together and Fight Back' tour, James L Knight Center, Miami, Florida, USA - 19 Apr 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Either Democratic party donors are tapped out because of giving to the Ossoff campaign, or something is seriously wrong with the Democrat’s fundraising efforts.


Figures released for May indicate that the Democrats had the worst May fundraising totals since 2003.

I guess all that anti-Trump enthusiasm is wearing off.

Washington Examiner:

The Democratic National Committee raised nearly $4.3 million in May, making it the organization’s worst May on record for fundraising since 2003, according to newly released Federal Election Commission data.

In May 2003, the Democratic group pulled in $2.7 million. Although 2017 is an off-year for fundraising, the DNC has raised between $4.5 million and $20 million every May in the nearly decade and a half since then.

The low number follows another rough fundraising month in April, in which the group hauled in $4.7 million, making it the worst April of fundraising since 2009.

DNC Chairman Tom Perez has said he intends to double the organization’s budget from $50 million to $100 million this year, a change that will prove difficult if donations continue to remain below average. Perez defended his performance by saying he has only been leading the DNC for a few months now.

“Well again, I got there on March 1. And so, I was the first to say, we have a lot of rebuilding to do,” Perez said on NBC.

President Obama raised almost a billion dollars in 2012. Hillary Clinton raised more than a billion in 2016. Presumably, all that money came from Democrats. Not the national party, of course, but almost all of them had a “D” after their name. And all they could raise in May was a measly $2.7 million?


This was the party with a digital fundraising operation that could run rings around the GOP. They were light years ahead of the opposition – so much so that panicky Republicans called for a Manhattan project style effort to catch up.

Either the Russians hacked the computer and wiped all the donor names or a lot of those donors have had second thoughts about giving money to a bunch of losers. And not just losers – clueless losers; people who don’t know why they lost and have no idea how to turn things around.

Perez has more than “rebuilding” to do. He has the greatest sales challenge since Ford was stuck with the Edsel. He has to convince the money people that he has a legitimate plan to bring the party back to glory.

Good luck with that, Tom.



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