How Long Before Prominent Leftists Begin Calling Openly for Trump's Assassination?

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Two San Antonio high school students and their teacher have been reprimanded for performing a skit portraying the assassination of Donald Trump.

A slap on the wrist? Outraged parents at the school are wondering why the boys weren’t suspended or expelled and the teacher fired.


Washington Times:

“The Assassination of Donald Trump,” performed last week at Marshall High School in San Antonio, featured one student making a gunfire sound effect with his cell phone as the other, portraying Mr. Trump, fell to the ground, parents told the San Antonio Express-News.

Students were required to submit descriptions of their presentations for approval by their English teacher, but the two offending students changed their skit after it was already approved, the Express-News reported.

Barry Perez, spokesman for the Northside Independent School District, said campus officials determined that the teacher did not condone the skit and ended up putting a stop to it.

Parent Harold Bean questioned why the teacher even allowed the skit to begin once she heard the title.

“Pardon my language, but I think that it’s a bunch of B.S. if they’re going to tell you the kids were stopped,” Mr. Bean told the Express-News.

The district spokesman said “appropriate action” had been taken to reprimand both the boys and their teacher.

The parents, however, said the students should at least be suspended, citing instances where children across the country have been suspended for making gun gestures with their hands or simulating gunfire, the Express-News reported.

“Honestly, I have run out of words to describe how angry I am and how shocked I am that they’re still in school today,” Mr. Bean’s wife, Melinda, said.


Fox News points out that this incident is indicative of how the election has affected kids as young as elementary-school age:

The misguided skit was just one in a slew of controversial acts happening across the country in the wake of Trump’s win over Democrat Hillary Clinton on Election Day.

Most media coverage following Trump’s victory has focused on sometimes violent protests in cities around the country, but it is now clear the election’s reverberations are being felt all the way down to elementary schools.

  • Students at a Detroit-area middle school reportedly chanted “build the wall” last week, in an apparent reference to Trump’s call for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.
  • White students at a central Pennsylvania technical high school reportedly chanted “white power” in the hallways and referred to students of other races as their slaves.
  • A 15-year-old Maryland boy wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” hat was reportedly beaten by a group of high school students.
  • Last week, a California high school student was also attacked after she expressed her support for Trump, in an attack captured on cellphone video.

When even children feel enabled to attack pro-Trump students, you have to wonder if the white-hot rhetoric of hate directed against Trump by grown up leftists will eventually morph into calls for his death.


Trump is being portrayed as a cross between Hitler and the devil. He is being vilified for holding racist views. His proposed policies are being characterized as “dangerous” to some. It seems a logical next step for some on the left to begin calling for someone to take out this menace in the name of preserving “diversity.”

Sane, rational people probably won’t take a shot at President Trump. But a mentally ill person who hears the over-the-top rhetoric of the left may decide he will be thought a hero for killing the president

That scenario is becoming more likely by the day.


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