Clinton Aide Discussed 'Quid Pro Quo' Deal with FBI to Reclassify Emails

Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy testifies on Capitol Hill. (AP Photo/Molly Riley)

Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard has seen some FBI documents that have potential bombshell information.

Senior Clinton aide Patrick Kennedy apparently tried to make a deal with the FBI to reclassify emails that were marked “classified” in exchange for approving overseas posts for FBI agents.


The FBI refused to play ball:

Patrick Kennedy was Clinton’s “fixer” at the State Department, helping to facilitate access to Clinton for Clinton Foundation donors. He was also the point man for Clinton in the Benghazi investigation and played an important role in the email scandal.

But as close as he is to Clinton, there is no evidence that Kennedy was acting on anyone’s behalf.


Clinton didn’t have to tell Kennedy what to do. Working for the Clintons as long as he had, he knew his job was to get rid of the problem by any means necessary.

By the way, changing security classifications on emails is not the job of the FBI. Asking them to do so was at least unethical and may have been illegal.


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