Where in the World Is Former MSNBC Host Ed Schultz?

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He once called talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut.” He routinely compared conservatives to Nazis. He yelled at a conservative guest about Indiana’s religious liberty law and turned off his mike.


He received a quarter of a million dollars from American labor unions and unashamedly acted as their shill on air. He once compared Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson to ISIS. He was easily the most objectionable liberal on air at MSNBC — and that’s saying a lot.

Ed Schultz was finally canned by the network because more people were watching The Dog Channel than his show. But where do you suppose someone like that ends up?

Maybe Al-Jazeera? Perhaps he would be hired by one of those tiny cable channels that appeal to liberals.

No. Schultz was hired by Russia Today — the English-language TV network that spouts propaganda for Vladimir Putin. And in so doing, he sold his soul for a paycheck.

Where once he denounced Donald Trump, Putin, and President Assad of Syria, he now says nice things about those people while justifying Russian aggression.

Washington Examiner:

For six years at MSNBC, Schultz railed against Republicans, and extolled the virtues of the Democratic Party.

He was particularly kind to Hillary Clinton, whom he once called his “favorite living New Yorker,” and President Obama.

At MSNBC, Schulz defended the president and his policies, and he often accused the commander in chief’s harshest critics of being racists, unpatriotic and un-American.

When he wasn’t doing that, Schultz used his MSNBC show to boost American labor unions, which paid him nearly $250,000 between 2012 and 2013and attacked anyone who suggested they were in need of reform.

He even took several shots at billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

All that seems to have changed, however, as Schultz has turned his attention from defending the White House and labor unions to attacking U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

He’s also a big fan of Trump and Putin now, according to Politico.

“By the time Schultz resurfaced this January, he had been reincarnated in a very different journalistic form,” Politico’s Michael Crowley reported. “Gone is the praise for Obama and Clinton. Gone, too, are the mocking references to ‘Putie.’ And gone are the judgments about others’ patriotism.”

Schultz’s show, “now features Putin-friendly discussions about the failings of U.S. policy in the Middle East, America’s ‘bloated’ defense budget and the futility of NATO strategy,” his report added.

U.S. policy isn’t the only topic on which Schulz appears to have evolved.

“Even Trump is getting a new look from Schultz. Speaking at various points on RT in recent months, Schultz has said that Trump ‘has tapped into an anger among working people,’ is ‘talking about things the people care about,’ and even, as Schultz recently declared, that Trump ‘would easily be able to function’ as president,” Crowley reported.

This isn’t entirely surprising for an RT host, the Politico reporter explained, as the network is a “bought-and-paid-for propaganda vehicle trying to nudge viewers toward Russia’s side of the story.”


We always knew that Schultz was an unprincipled lout — a boorish blowhard who was relentlessly liberal and relentlessly partisan.

But an apologist for an authoritarian bully who threatens the peace of Europe? That’s something of a surprise given his professed love of peace and international comity.

You gotta eat and feed your family, so Schultz apparently made his deal with the devil. But I wonder how he’s able to look in a mirror and like what’s being reflected back at him?

Or perhaps he’s oblivious to the towering hypocrisy he’s demonstrating every time he opens his mouth.



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