Brother Jim

Jim Messina is the campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign. Here he is touting Obamacare. Some readers have apparently found this picture to be slightly creepy.


With These Hands

Why? Perhaps it is because of the earnestness with which Messina is obviously going to save you. You will be saved. And the handscrawls will remind some of the famous scene from Night of the Hunter.

And yet about 47% of the voters probably find Messina’s message inspiring and uplifting. What about the 53%?

From the first there has been about the Obama campaign the odor of incense. The public is constantly told about being on a “moral arc”; that it is on the threshold of a fundamentally new America; that it is entering upon an era of Hope and Change. The promised ones have come. “We are the people we’ve been waiting for.”  It seems almost like an evangelical crusade, pardon the term. But in whose name? And to what end?

And with these hands,
I’ll provide for you
Should there be a stormy sea
I’ll turn the tide for you
Oh, and I’ll never
No, I’ll never
let you go.

Belmont Commenters
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