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World Security 2

How many nuclear-armed countries does Obama want in Asia?: Foreign Policy explains how the Administration’s drive for a nuclear “Global Zero” is leading to a nuclear armed East Asia. Related search; the NYT reports ” North Korea reported brisk progress in building a new nuclear reactor and producing enriched uranium on Wednesday.” Washington urges them to stop.

Looming Sequestration Impacts Defense: “Last week’s failure by the so-called Super Committee to find at least $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction means that the Pentagon’s budget will automatically begin to be slashed by $600 billion over 10 years starting in January 2013. But the committee’s failure will begin reverberating across the industry almost immediately—possibly taking out the nation’s biggest weapon system—the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).”

Russia Considers Blocking NATO Supply Routes to Pakistan: “Russia said it may not let NATO use its territory to supply troops in Afghanistan if the alliance doesn’t seriously consider its objections to a U.S.-led missile shield for Europe, Russia’s ambassador to NATO said Monday.” Not a problem. Hillary is on the way with a Reset Button.

More Than 250 Syrian Children Among Dead, U.N. Says: Send the Royal Navy. Oh Wait.

Royal Navy Warship Numbers Falling Off a Cliff: Related item, Royal Navy attack submarines sinking below a critical mass? Plus: “we will remember them“. Soon that will mean, “we will remember when the Royal Navy existed”.

Rebels Resume a Crackdown on Somali Aid: “The Shabab militant group, which has already blocked many aid agencies from reaching starving people in Somalia’s famine zones, ordered 16 more aid agencies to shut down on Monday. Heavily armed Shabab fighters then raided the offices of several aid groups, looted equipment and accused the aid workers of being spies.”

A Shabab spokesman said his group, which has pledged allegiance to Al Qaeda, had conducted a “meticulous yearlong review” that detailed “the illicit activities and misconducts of some of the organizations.”

Many of the aid organizations were helping to deliver lifesaving assistance to millions of Somalis suffering from food shortages brought on by drought. Though heavy rains and a surge of aid supplies have eased the situation somewhat in the past month, tens of thousands have died and 250,000 face imminent starvation.

The Flight to Commodities
: “The central banks’ move weakened the dollar, which made dollar-denominated commodities appear attractive to investors holding other currencies. A weaker dollar also encourages investment in gold.”

People are realizing that we’ve got a world that’s hell-bent on printing money,” which should boost demand for gold “as a store of value instead of fiat currencies,” said Zach Oxman, managing director at brokerage TrendMax.

Maybe we should be worried. But Washington is majestically calm. Governor Chris Christie wonders out loud “What the hell are we paying you for?“,  our betters are tirelessly on the job, attending to the really important things, like banning Happy Meals in San Francisco.

Given this situation, I predict:

One day we’ll realize, like a profligate heir who has spent his fortune on baubles, that we don’t know where the money went.

That some time later, we’ll realize that there is no money left. Not even in the cookie jar.

Someday it will be proved that the negative part of the number line never wraps around to the positive side, whatever Paul Krugman says.

People will realize that Barney Frank wasn’t the smartest man in the room because he thought houses weren’t tulips.

That singing “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” doesn’t always work with al-Qaeda.

After all the Arab countries in the Middle East have been overturned, President Obama will finally get the Prime Minister of Israel to sign the treaty with himself. No one else will be left.

That millions of Western students will realize that they’ve received absolutely no benefit from the trillions of dollars in student debt they acquired to get gender studies and similar degrees; that in fact their minds were crippled by these courses; that they’ve indentured themselves into debt to pay for their miseducation.

That “Global Zero” referred to something else.

That Marx was a fleabitten ass.

But it will not be this day. That will come much, much later as the direct result of unnecessary pain and suffering. My final prediction is that all these realizations will come, but they will come too late.

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