Lessons From the Movies

One of the things we learn from TV is that monsters cannot be hurt (or easily hurt) by bullets. “When military personnel or the police encounter the Monster of the Week, they invariably attack it with small arms fire. Unfortunately for said good guys, this never works. The monster is always Immune to Bullets.”


in almost all cases, the good guys will only ever use small arms fire. Rockets, tanks, air support, artillery — all the things the military is known for — are hardly ever involved … after they discover their guns are useless, the good guys still won’t stop wasting ammo shooting [until the monster is upon them and ] … a Technical Pacifist will urge the army/police/whomever to try and understand the monster before trying to kill it.

Yet despite the futility of small arms the monster in question is often defeated when a person — hailing from the prehistoric era in which the monster was spawned — attacks the creature with a spear, club or other type of stoneage weapon. Apparently the underlying lesson is that the effectiveness of movie weaponry is correlated directly to its moral superiority. The more “politically correct” a weapon is — the more native or authentic — the deadlier it is.

In reality the reverse is true; a fact which explains how the Spanish Conquistadores, armed with firearms, overcame the populations of South America, who had all the politically correct weapons. But never the let the facts get in the way of a good story. For example, in the following clip, a T-rex gets the better of round shot.


Meanwhile, here are some bitter clingers who have not been convinced by Hollywood that guns do not work against dinosaurs. They’ll soon find out bolt action rifles won’t work against monsters.


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