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Keep the Change

The Perth Mint has made it possible to do a serious night out on the town with nothing but change in your pocket. That is, if you don't mind lugging around a 2,000 pound gold coin, called the Golden Kangaroo. But although it is "legal tender" with a nominal value of a A$1 million, the metal in it is valued at A$55 million -- about US$59.5 million.

Why did they do it? Because they could.

But $55 million nothing. How about a $100 TRILLION dollar bill? Now that's real money.  A newspaper in Zimbabwe recently discovered that Zimbabwean money was so worthless it was actually cheaper to publish on it rather than import newsprint and advertise it by handing out fliers on trillion dollar bills. Top that, Australian Mint!  So here to rival the Golden Kangaroo is the Golden Mugabe.

This is a government that "stays in power by printing power and crushing freedom of the press." Why did Mugabe do it? Because he could.

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