Starry, starry night

The last few days have been hard on anyone who followed the news hoping for a glimpse of optimism. As if things weren’t bad enough in the UK the English Defence League says it will field 1,000 men to “stop the riots”. If they enter the fray then God knows who else will join the lists.


For one thing pulls in another. If a clash of ideological street gangs starts then it will be one more signal that the bad old days are back in tone at least, though in technicolor tints. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Communists and most famously the Nazis all recruited from “street fighters”. “Horst Ludwig Wessel (October 9, 1907 – February 23, 1930) was a German Nazi activist who was made a posthumous hero of the Nazi movement following his violent death in 1930.” Wessel was the kind of guy who would have known the attractions of joining something like the Amal, Hezbollah or any group that offered a way up and out. Wessel died young and gave the Nazis a lot of propaganda mileage from his short life.

The collapsing welfare state has bred a farm team of somethings. Just what these somethings turn out to be in ten years will be an interesting question. But as conjecture I will hazard that few if any will hold any allegiance toward the paternalistic state which fed, clothed and housed them. If the liberal project thinks they have won the affections of these somethings they are sadly mistaken. The unintended consequence of the multicultural, politically correct project may in the end be the opposite of its stated goal. Not a rainbow nation, but a divided one. Not a hate-free society but one in which every person is defined by his “Community” or the color of his skin.


The sad thing is that you could have predicted it. But no one was listening. Perhaps they’ll listen now.

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