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I'd Walk a Mile for A Camel

The International Society of Camelid Research and Development, which studies camels, objected to proposals to cull thousands of wild, farting camels in Australia’s outback to prevent an increase in Greenhouse Gases.

PARIS — The world’s association of camel scientists fought back angrily on Monday over Australian plans to kill wild dromedaries on the grounds that their flatulence adds to global warming. … The kill-a-camel suggestion is floated in a paper distributed by Australia’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, as part of consultations for reducing the country’s carbon footprint.

There are about 1.2 million wild camels in Australia. In the meantime, tens of thousands of animals are going to be shot by Australian ranchers after the Gillard government banned the export of live cattle to Indonesia in response to concerns by animal welfare advocates over slaughterhouse procedures in that country.

Nico Botha, who owns the Moola Bulla Station near Halls Creek in the far north of Western Australia, was told to reduce his herd of 25,000 cattle when he bought the station six months ago.

The cattle were going to be sold to Indonesia but Mr Botha says he is being forced to cull his livestock in light of the live export ban.

Australia’s live cattle trade with Indonesia was suspended last month after public outrage at footage of cruelty to cattle in some Indonesian abattoirs.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald “the grazier, Nico Botha, said he needed to cull his herd by 3000 and had no option but to start shooting 200 cattle a day, worth $120,000. He could not sell them and did not have enough pasture to feed them.”

Not to kill the cattle would create an environmental disaster. According to the Age the “cattle would starve to death because of overgrazing and it was too expensive to transport them within Australia.” But to kill them might also create an environmental catastrophe as the thousands of carcasses would have to be safely disposed of.

Don't Let That Smile Fool You. It's a Climate Denier.



The Guardian describes the benefits of going out and shooting a camel. “Australia’s population of wild camels, the Financial Times reveals, may soon be shot in order to earn carbon credits under the country’s forthcoming emissions trading scheme. Each one of the creatures is estimated to produce a tonne of carbon dioxide a year – about the same as a 7,000km flight – not to mention the environmental havoc they cause in a fragile desert landscape more suited to amiable marsupials.” Alternatives have been considered, such as feeding the camels birth-control tablets, but there are doubts whether this would work.

That means that more drastic measures may have to be employed in order to keep the environmentalists and animal welfare advocates happy. The following video showcases the perfect tool for preventing camels and cars from creating Global Warming. Who knows? We may soon see it in use. Nothing is too strange to conceive of these days.

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