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Best commenter results

Venezuela: Clashes In Caracas

Here is the final poll for the Best Commenter on the Belmont Club. I’ve tabulated the data from the nominations in a table shown below the Read More. Some of the nominations were ambiguously stated, but I did my best to decipher them.

I’d like to congratulate Leo on his well deserved victory in the commenter poll.  He is a teacher in the best sense and hose are rare. Our schooldays, which may have gone on for decades probably contains only a few of them. We pick can pick them out in our memories from among the hundreds.  They have the ability to make what was dumb in us speak. It is when we marvel at what has been awoken in ourselves that we recognize what great teaching is, and I suppose what a great comment is.

Commenters Nominations
Alexis 3
Annoy Mouse 1
Baron 1
Batman 3
blert 1
Bogie wheel 1
Buddy Larsen 8
Cannoneer 3
Cedarford 1
Dan 1
Delia 1
Desert Rat 1
Doug 2
Dymphna 1
Exhelodriver 1
Fedya 1
Fred 3
Habu 2
Karen Yvonne 3
Konyok 1
L3 24
Marcus Aurelius 1
Marymcl 1
Mongoose 6
Nahncee 2
Old Salt 1
Pork Rinds 1
programmer 1
rook king 1
Sara (Pal2Pal) 2
Starling 3
Steveaz 2
Steven Den Beste 1
Storm-Rider 1
Subotai 8
Teresita 1
Walt 4
Whiskey 6
Whitehall 1