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President Obama invokes religious duty in support of health care “reform”. The New York Times reports:

WASHINGTON — President Obama sought Wednesday to reframe the health care debate as “a core ethical and moral obligation,” imploring a coalition of religious leaders to help promote the plan to lower costs and expand insurance coverage for all Americans. “I know there’s been a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks out there who are frankly bearing false witness,” Mr. Obama told a multidenominational group of pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders who support his goal to remake the nation’s health care system.


I suppose that only God knows what politicians truly believe in their hearts, but it’s a safe bet that, whatever their theological inclinations, they believe in their own political ambitions. Jake Tapper at Politico notes that the Gospel is already being augmented.

Mr. Obama called on the religious leaders to help him share the good word about health care reform and set the record straight. “I need you to knock on doors, talk to your neighbors. I need you to spread the facts and speak the truth,” he said.

“What is truth?” Pontius Pilate asked. In politics, the truth is that most politicians want and like to keep power. Was that “false witness” or “false witless”?

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