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Minus five

The latest Rasmussen Presidential tracking poll shows Barack Obama at the -5 approval rating. Is it a trend?

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Date Presidential Approval Index Strongly Approve Strongly Disapprove Total Approve Total Disapprove
07/08/2009 -5 32% 37% 52% 48%
07/07/2009 -3 33% 36% 52% 47%
07/06/2009 -2 33% 35% 53% 46%
07/05/2009 No Polling – Fourth of July
07/04/2009 No Polling – Fourth of July
07/03/2009 No Polling – Fourth of July
07/02/2009 -2 33% 35% 53% 46%
07/01/2009 -1 32% 33% 54% 45%

It’s probably too early to tell, but if it does represent a long term fall in President Obama’s popularity numbers, where will it lead?


Sometimes a President responds to growing unpopularity by becoming more cautious about his initiatives. At other times it hurries him on. In this case, I think it will hurry him on. The size of his initiatives means that if he doesn’t succeed in putting them across, then they will round on him and bite. He’s staked too much to turn around now. So if his popularity continues to drop his attempts at Hope and Change may, paradoxically intensify.

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