Belmont Club

Marching cadence

What’s the meaning of this rather odd video?  Things start understandably enough with quasi-military recitations by participants of lines like “Obama has inspired me to be the next architect”. But when the teens start spouting health care talking points following a cadence of “Yes we can!”, things get distinctly eerie.  As in, ‘unnatural’. The accompanying caption to the YouTube video provides some background on the scene. It says:

This morning, I received a message from a friend named Dan who gave me the address of the school where this video was filmed. This is the name:

18th & Vine District, Kansas City, MO
Educational Organization

I called and spoke to Bernard, who said he was the assistant Dean. He was very gentlemanly and when I voiced my concerns about the video, he told me that this was taken at the school last year when Obama was beginning his campaign. He assured me that they stopped this “regiment” because they felt the person who was organizing it was pushing his political agenda.

Political agenda? You don’t say. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with kids looking for a role model or psyching themselves up to be winners in life. But I wonder about who puts these teenagers up to it?  A lot stuff seems to “just happen” in the Obama campaign. Of course it might just be that all kinds of businessmen in the motivation trade see the Obama phenomenon as a commercial opportunity. That makes one wonder what kinds of remoras are swimming with the big Shark.